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Dave Trumanen The Lost Science of the Andes 5 de diciembre de 2017 a las 15:56 What do we really know about how and when people settled in South America? These pictures from the Trujillo Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology are of people from the Nazca Culture (c. 200 AD), who are distinctly red haired. The first two are of a female shaman, whose hair grew to an astounding 9ft (3m) long. The 3rd is a ‘cap’ that was made from human hair. Examples of red-haired mummies exist in many places in South America, including Paracas; the culture immediately before the Nazcans in southern Peru. In the Andes, indigenous legends speak of red haired peoples who lived in cities that are now submerged beneath Lake Titikaka. Even as far south as present day Argentina, the Spanish were surprised to find red-haired bearded men living beside the great salt lakes in the province of Cordoba.

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