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THE REAL Emperor Constantine the Great – At Least Close Enough Modeled on the bust housed in the Palazzo dei Conservatori in Rome The Eastern Othordox Church Interpretation of the Physical Appearance of Emperor Constantine the Great .. In addition, research by the original icons of his sister Saint Anastasia.. Sure Constantine was power hungry, but that doesn't mean we should be so immature as to say, seeing that he was a power hungry person, which means he was a Caucasian.

WHICH is PURE immaturity.. Remember, this comes from the Orthodox Church, which is one of the few churches that have dedicated themselves to keeping as much as possible according to the original design CHRISTIANITY.. Sure, May be an image of 1 person The modern European Orthodox Church have whitewashed over some of the ancient icons, but they are one of the only churches where you can get a glimpse of the original skin tone of these people.. Of course, the real Constantine was most likely much darker than this icon.. I have had scholars go to great lengths to explain to me how all 318 bishops in the Council of Nicaea were actually Christian and Moorish, Christian and Moorish for those who don't know it's like some Christians so-called blacks, however, as soon as they get to Constantino they always make it look as if he was white, but my question was always how in hell is all the power in a region being dictated by the moriscos, but then the emperor was caucasoid, which never made sense to me.. I always knew in the back of my mind that the real Constantine was a power-hungry Moor, yes, but I'm not some immature emmotional-child who e can't handle accepting him as a Moor that's why.

I always knew.. I never talked to anyone about this, but I was always researching.. I had established for myself through research that real Romans are not the people in those mainstream statues.. NO, the real Romans were not gay, that came about through integration with the savages much, much later after they would go up to the northernmost regions of Europe and the Caucus and began to enslave to the very pale people that they meet.. They would be brought back to Rome and forced to work.. Also, the interesting thing is that the word for Rome is Moor backwards. Melanated people are known to turn words around.. ALSO THERE IS A NEWLY DISCOVERED COIN OF CONSTANTINE WHICH SHOWS HIS ARABIC FACE AS WELL

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