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congratulate trump

I have to congratulate Trump and white folks as a whole for real for real. Invaded, stole, raped and enslaved the world and they all worship you 24/7. We know the majority of us know nothing or next to nothing about our history and most know this now unless you live under a rock as everybody has to have at least 1 friend like me sharing ish most likely more.

Number 2 the state of Black people worldwide is by far worst then any other group and getting worse. And the vast majority of us can not find anything to do but worship white folks as fyi talking about them good or bad 24/7 is worship. And you all do this because it what whites do but they do it because they rule the world and they are talking about their kings and queens.

You all do it because you subconciuosly idolize these people and just have to feel like you are apart of their world truly a mental illness. Whites make up 10% of the world and the majority of the other 90% spends all day everyday talking about them and in same breath blame them for their disposition while whites laugh at how you all hang on their every word as if you bitching and complaining about what they say or do will change the fact they daily whip our asses.

Facts are in the words of Neely Fuller they are superior to us as they walk the walk and we talk about them walking the walk. I rather stop saying racist stuff or else etc. Whites are on top because they take action and even better they have millions of Black military, cops,politicians and regular citizens who gladly help them to maybe one day become an honarary Black skinned caucasian.

I spend 0 time worrying about what Trump says he can’t hurt my feelings nor has anything he done or can do affect my life. The things that affect our lives have been in place for hundreds of years he cannot make them better or worse only you can. Hey but keep up with whites and their royalty so you can be the cool kid the Black community’s problems will just fix themselves or even beter like millions of y’all do please white folks help us pitiful Black folks out we matter etc.

I know I matter idc if they don’t care about me and most do not and never will but we are obsessed with being accepted by them because the vast majority of us base our whole lives off what they think and do and this is true about most of y’all folks claiming to be fighting the good fight. Most so called concious groups sped their days discussing whites same stupid questions again and again which clearly shows envy.

This is why I want to live in a place where it is at least 95% Black because the fact are the western Blacks not all but a majority are diseased with trying to be apart of this racist culture. Wanting to live in America when the vast majority of world is Black is a prime example of this too.

Why not move to Africa or another Black nation and build it up because subconciously you like whites abuse and love the idea of being associated with the most powerful whites. If I’m wrong then somebody explain to me hth talking about Trump all day and other white news is helping the Black community. I tell at least 5 fellow Blacks a day about real history and guide them to siites and books to learb these things on top of being online. And every time I get online to spread knowledge all I see if Trump this Trump that.

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