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C O N F I R M E D “I have found a shaft, going 29 meters [95 feet, approximately] vertically down into the ground, exactly halfway between the Chefren Pyramid and the Sphinx. At the bottom, which was filled with water, we have found a burial chamber with four pillars. In the middle is a large granite sarcophagus which I expect to be the grave of Osiris, the god,” —ZAHI HAWASS, (Directed of the Giza Plateau, Egyptologist), In newspaper Extra Bladet (Copenhagen), January 31, 1999, “Sandpit Of Royalty”, By Dorte Quist NOTE: All pictures and text in this article “Ananda in THE HALLWAY OF OSIRIS” are Copyright © 1999 by ANANDA ®. We have released these pictures without asking any high money bidding, or for any profit in cash, what-so-ever, like most would; in order to release them for the concern and good of the public. If we would not have copyrighted them, someone could copyright them, and hence these could no longer be viewed by you. Since there are some who wish to make as large a profit on this story as possible, this is to the sacrifice of public knowledge. We therefore, state, inexorably, for the public concern, THAT ALL PICTURES within these pages, now designated OS (i.e. OS31 or OS3a), are strictly Copyright, under international copyright laws, for protection of public information, to be continuously viewable at this site. You are free to link to this site. The photographs of Borris Said, the paintings from Orbit,The Daily Telegraph, are public domain, as far as I know. Some astonishing revelations are emerging out of Egypt. Set to shake the tradition notions of our recorded history, and seeing the light of day with far too much delay, due to vested interests in the profit margin, and notions of human development status. Now let us unveil one curtain, amidst a hundred-thousand, to humanity at large. Whilst the above quote is from a report from journalist Dort Qvist, who had access to the royal meetings, where Zahi Hawass, director of the Giza Plateau, briefed the Scandinavia royals on “his” discovery of the “grave of Osiris”, I can independently confirm this story. Why. Because I was there, I have touched the tomb. I, with a small group of colleagues also managed to interview numerous persons who have been involved in excavation, as well as higher officials, who essentially confirmed the particulars of the “Osiris” tomb belief of Hawass. In this article you will find the copy righted, but freely accessible photographs, that for the first time in the public domain show the adequate details of this tomb, and my testimony also reveals that much more excavations have gone on there, which lead to the Sphinx and pyramids. How did I get there? I received some non-local “guidance”, which brought me there almost immediately upon arriving at Giza, with a form of “Andromedian” Deja Vu for of remote viewing. This article is just one of the numerous revelations that are making grounds now on the Giza plateau, which we will cover on this site. But it was on two previous occasions, when the Hallway Of Records (HOR) the Egyptian pictographics became alive and bespoke themselves into a higher form of cortical brain activation, that this location proximity was indicated. This especially came out in December 1997 in the Tomb of Tuthmosis 3. Here, for more than an hour I explained 32 others the spontaneous living wisdom of this tomb. The deep underground tomb of Tutmosis III, within the Thebian Valley Of The Kings. Facing the books of “what is in the Djuat”, the underworld and star realms. This, the non-localized quantum intelligence “Icon”, “Ptah”, relayed in the holographic imagery, which becomes activated by sound. In this case, “Atum PtahKa”, the sequence of echoes, if one stands in the correct place, shows one the sequence of pictographic books to follow, and a visual door opens in the mind, whereby, pictographics spontaneously flood into visual display. Upon opening the eyes, one instantly knows the pictogrammes to approach, and they appear to “speak to one”. When one has a blank, I was also shown how to use the mirror sides of the book which very often are identicle clones, and superimpose them visually into one. These “mu” form of visual holographics, phase conjugates the brain halves into resonance (8 hz passes through a vacuum, and hence is a non-local Mercury messenger from the quantum continuum of infinite information). This mirroring is also utilized within individual pictures, and the entire tomb and all of the books of the Djuat (Tuat) holographically mirror. The end result is that every wall mirrors every other wall, book to book, chapter to chapter, icon to icon. The entire room becomes one 3D+ hologramme. This interactive living hologramme, can be cross compared and superimposed to other tombs and temple high esoteric hieroglyphics. This is a whole other story to be explored elsewhere… Along these procedures, in the Tomb of Thothmosis 3, the double Sphinx, Akr (Aker, or Akeru), is in front of the Great Pyramid. Which has the capstone as the head of the Initiate. Often in this portion of the books of the Djuat, Djehuti stands in the Tomb of Osiris, upon a winged snake, deep underground. But here the headdress is of Horus. This gives not only symbolic, initiatory clues, but also physical clues, overtly. But the physical is equally incorporated with the visual and Spiritual for “those who have eyes to see”. We will return to these clues in our adventure story. Parts of this discoveries are not new at all. Two levels underground had been discovered in 1935, where the Daily Telegraph, of England, published on March the 10th the details of this Tomb. The Osiris section was underwater, however. The so called “Egyptian book of the ‘dead'”, the “Pyramid Texts”, various Papyrus’, and the Greeks, describe the Osiris story in great detail. The story ends with the successful suspended animation of the NTR god, as he is projected into the star realms called Imwh Skh (Imperishable Orion). Within the classic story is described the jealousy of Set for his brother Osiris, and his desire for Isis his sister, whilst Ausir (Osiris) is upon his teaching travels in the world. Without going into too much detail here, or interpretations of the clear astronomic and time cycles embedded within the story, essential Sutekh (Set) with 72 accomplices manage to trick and seal Osiris into a sarcophagus specially cut to fit him, and he was thrown into the Nile. This was supposed to have killed him. But he survived. In a second assassination attempt, Set cuts Ausir into 14 pieces in the exoteric story, and 15 pieces in the esoteric story (there are 15 parts to the male body: 2 feet; 2 legs; 2 thighs; 2 hands; 2 forearms; 2 upper arms; 1 torso; 1 head; 1 phallus. This number is one secret symbol of taro card #15, the Devil, or Baphomet, who is Cronos, and Saturn who rules Capricorn, and the Unicorn. December 25 was Osiris’ resurrection day and that is ruled by Capricorn. It is also Christmass. The Hebrews used the Baphomet as a cover symbol for the ark of the convenent, amoungst other things. The Egyptians divided the body into a total of 36 sub-divisions, each ruled by a different god (NTR)). These 15 parts were scattered all over the land of Kham (Egypt). But Isis was able to follow the trails of her brother Sutekh (Set) and gather 14 pieces of her brother and husband Osiris’ body. The missing part was the Phallus, which had been thrown into the Nile and eaten by two fishes. Since the Nile was called the backbone of Osiris and looks like the human spine, the symbology here is a rampant code for transforming the life force into the spine for illumination, or Alkhemia. This is a involved story which will be presented elsewhere (as we have presented it in our multi-media seminars). Copyright ©1999 by Ananda®, all right reserved. (as with all of the OS series of pictures in this article for public protection of information. Auset (Isis) managed to assemble the 14 pieces together at Abydos, where the sand of the nile is Khem (Black), with which Alchemy transformation of gold was established, due to the rich content of high spin mono-atomic elements (superconduction), from which Egypt partly had its name, as did Alchemy. But Kham has another series of meanings as well, which have equal if not greater significance. At the Osirion Temple at Abydos (with a very ancient design), Djehuti (Tehuti, T-hu-T-i, Thoth, Hermes) aided Isis in resurrecting Osiris with magick plants (some identifiable, these will be presented in our book Somanetics), mixed with the high spin element powders, together with words of power. Osiris would only be conscious during the night. From here the understanding of the Dark Rite was born (coded in Ishtar-Innana, Adonis, and Orpheus), which had two components: The Internal Dark Rite (Light Isolation within the Pyramid Temple), and the External Dark Rite with the Alchemical Elixir from plants, and high spin elements. During one night in December, the god Sokar enabled a new Phallus to be placed upon Osiris, at the position of the Hara, the Chi or Ki point of martial arts. Isis transforms herself into a Bak Bird (soul bird), and sits on Osiris’ phallus, which is shown without damage at Abydos. She becomes impregnated. And on the 25th of December HOR is born. Horus, the Hero who is also known as Iosos in Egypt. Iosos is one root of Iosus or Jesus, who also was born on the 25th of December from the Virgin Mary, just as Isis was the Mer Mother of the Deep see, and had an “immaculate conception”. The Egyptians called her Sept, and she was the great Virgin who we call Virgo for Sept-ember. Another name she carried was Ios. From the place where Osiris sleeps, surrounded by water (Abydos), Ausir was transported in his granite sarcophagus on the Nile, to Giza. He arrives by AKU the Sphinx, where the shores of the Nile reached to in ancient times. His sarcophagus is described to be transported through an underground canal beneath the Sphinx, to a deep chambre in parallel to the Sphinx and the Chefren pyramid, and infront of the Great pyramid. Ananda’s exploration into the Sphinx’s “ass” room on the December 21st Solstice (precisely on solstice). Pictures are of the “OS” series, and are copyright © 1999, by Ananda® The radar work of Dr.. Borris Said, doing deep underground tomography, showed there to be a tunnel from a the back of the Sphinx’s “ass”, to a room in the middle of the Chefren pyramid causeway, and from there onto the Middle Pyramid itself. I had the opportunity of being within a shaft room within the Sphinx’s as, some 7 metres deep, which is 1.5 metres below the Nile water metre, on December 21st 1997 (solstice). I researched the complete story some time after my initial HOR holography impulses, and non local “ICON” guidance from Ptah. I discovered that the sequence of the books of the Djuat, were precisely deciphered in the sequence the sound order displayed. And their order is equal to crossing all of the brain hemispherical positions, except the bottom and top, when the room is the brain. The Pyramid and Aker Sphinx pictogramme was only one of a plethora of other speaking illustrations. But actually it was common sense that this was an underground room at Giza. Research hence did not discourage what was received. Rather it amplified this approach as an exhilarated entrence into the Arcane Archives of the Archaic Arkana. Here then, is our 1999 return journey to the land of Kham, precisely to explore the underground Tuat, and continue the work that the “Ptah” non-local ICON had inseminated into completion. This will be the first release of a series of further disclosures. OSirisTombHaving been guided by the non-local time reverse Andromedian Atum-Ptah in December 1997, with 33 dedicated Unity Units, to align the Djed Spine Nile grid, to the Celestial Nile of the Milky Way, to non-local Universal Unified Man, Ptah instigated the requirement for our return. This time during the last Time Gate that links in fractal resonance to 2010, during early February. Causeway tunnel entrence: I flew with my colleague Randolph Barolet during the January 30th Eclipse, which we could view through the plane whilst over Thebes, Greece, and whilst being astonished at the Financial Times Oroborus revelations on the Multiverse (confirming the New Universe). Causeway tunnel entrence: Apart from the successful Time Gate endeavours, this time I was going to gather additional testimony and evidence for the underground labyrinth, Hallway Of Records, whilst also obtaining additional footage from inside the Great Pyramid (all of which was completed). Causeway tunnel : On the first night, Atum-Ptah put me through a “virtual reality” (VR) “remote viewing” (RV) of the underground labyrinth. By the kind sponsorship of Maria Gillesen, I had this opportunity from the Palace Sweets from within the Mena House hotel, so that the Giza plateau with the Pyramid was straight before me, like two previous occasions (I have spent more than 2 months doing field work in Egypt). Electrical cables go to the underground: This access into the underground labyrinth, Virtually, prepared me for the next day. However, I was shown much more, which would emerge in the rest of our research endeavours there. Siphoned off entrence: Upon rising, I immediately set off onto the Giza plateau. I knew where I was going to go. I walking straight through, with my will set on accessing the underground. I ignored entirely the massive distractions of the will of the Arab’s on the plateau attempting to guide one by horse or camel, or any means possible for the Buck Sheesh (money), and consequently being on informative intelligence network, amoungst themselves, and thus soon amidst the Giza authorities. I was instructed by Atum-Ptah, much to my chagrin, not to go there with my camera, for some reason (which became a safty factor for this story). Without being scathed by a single Arab, I immediately set out to where the Book of the Dead shows Djehuti, underneath the Great Pyramid and somewhat infront, with the Sphinx in view, to either side, as Aker the doubling of the Sphinx, a gate, and a place to connect both brain halves. Ciphened off entrence: Upon walking there, I immediately walked towards the tunnel in the Causeway, as if I was walking through, determined to get to the otherside. Remarkably, no one paid any attention (this was soon going to change, and this area is under almost constant surveillance, by numerous guards, as I was to discover). Bent Bars (limited access): As I walked through to the other end of the tunnel, I viewed a siphoned off area, with bars, and a ladder going down a shaft. Looking down this shaft, I noticed that at the bottom there was a tunnel. But I was blocked by the bars and a locked gate. Bent Bars (limited access): As no one was concerned that I was there (since I had just arrived the information intelligence network did not have me listed, unlike the days that were to follow), I decided to take the opportunity and view the shaft. Water Pipe and plank: Several bars at the top had been pulled back. Climbing up over this proved to be tricky, and this was the only way in. Water Pipe and plank: My leg became caught on the first attempt through the bent bars, and the fall over the otherside is of some length. Old rusty ladder: I finally managed to pull through, and place my other foot on a wobbly water pipe, which then had to be delicately balanced over to access the ladder. The water pipe was ripe with promise of what lay underground. For it indicated extensive, yet covert water pumping activities. Since it was disconnected, these operations were no longer active. But they gave the appearance of relatively recent pumping work. Having come this far, and since no one was perturbed by the noise, I decided to descend down the rusted ladder steps and onto the liter that saturated the floor of the shaft. Passing through into the underground which had been previously obscure from the vantage point of the surface bars peek a boo point of observation, there was a room, relatively large, and not worth placing a barricade for. The room was surprisingly clean, showing evidence of recent activities, and perhaps even having been cleaned for presentation purposes, as is usual with other Egyptian tombs of significance. This room was in a far better condition than the bottom of the shaft, which was intentionally left to be littered with rubbish. I caught my breath and felt clearly guided into this position, and predated myself for the next step. After a short meditative beckoning to the non-local time reverse intelligences, I took the next step. In okay light condition, at the far North side, there were two metal ladders going down and the well equipment. These were emerged in darkness. Since I had taken these strides, I considered descending into the dark under… Carefully taking one step at a time, not knowing whether I would be touching water soon, and not knowing anything of the underneath, except having read the Daily Telegraph article, whose reliability I could not depend on, I continued, step after step. As I looked up, I observed the last glimpses of light disappear, the entrence to these ladder shafts became a small spot of light. I continued. Even the spot of light disappeared. I was immersed in darkness (but I was quite familiar with the dark from my Dark Room retreat experiments). Continuing in the blackness, where the observer of oneself is the light of continuance, I finally reach the end step. Carefully prodding my foot on the ground, to ensure that it was solid, I used my feet as probes in unknown territory. No water, as of yet, and nothing that felt like a snake. My foot probed the walls, and stabbed the empty space. Then I herd an assembly of crawling sounds, like a symphony of unknown life-forms. Within this dark space, the imagination’s illumination is amplified: “could these be snakes, or scorpions”. Since no one of my colleagues had any clue, where on the Giza plateau I had ventured off to (since I had not even briefed them on the VR RV session of Ptah the night before, utilising the “Daily Telegraph”, as an index, and the actual Plateau before me that night, as the resonance holographic matrix access code into, non-local projection, deep beneath the gravity of the bedrock). No one knew where I was. Since I had no torch with me, I let this be the final conclusion. Taking a few minutes to dedicate the space, I then ascended up the ladder immersed in invisibility, but now approaching familiarity and visibility in the empathic senses, constructing a virtual image from the sensory input. As I came back into the top room, filled with the light coming through the shaft, I sat down, and I meditated for a while. I knew that this was an opportunity. Then I viewed the electrical cables, and the lights they connected to. As I followed them, there on the wall was a light switch. Could this be functional? I considered unscrewing the top light, since it could be observed, perhaps from any inspecter, but my intuition told me that this would be okay. As I switched the button, the entire underground shafts burst with illumination, they bespoke with bright light. The artist who made this drawing, either has not been down the Tomb Of Osiris, or changed the details for disinformation, or for artistic simplicity. It does give a little scope however. Hesitating for a moment, on the above light, and knowing that there would be a limited time to go down, before the possibility of the electricity being used was detected, I once again descended the ladders, this time their virtual and sensory construct became a visible and easy relationship. As I reached the bottom, what before had been an unknown revealed itself: to the North was an entrence into a room. Herein, there were 7 side chambres, exactly as the 1935 article had stated. But all was not as the it appeared 54 years earlier, much must have happened in secret operations, during the interim period, perhaps to the disadvantage of the public awareness of its altered history. Some of the chambres were empty, the floor having remnants of broken jugs. The atmosphere varied in each sub chambre, there are some after glow relations to parts of the Sekara underground, but the rooms have a poignant sense of excitement at the same time as clearly not being the reason for the 54 years of silence on this complex. I found the enormous sarcophagus, large enough for a bull, and this one had a strange feeling about it. Several versions of the Osiris legends, have Ausir carried on the back of an Apis Bull in his “star journey” pathways of preparation. It looked as if their might be a further entrance behind it, but the forbading aura of this sarcophagus brought out, in the mirror of life, an intuitive feeling that this was not the main reason why I was there, at that point. There was a darkened sarcophagus leaping out of the left middle room. It was black, but yet it did not hold a resonance as forbading as the enormous one on the mirror side of the room. Yet I was careful, since other tombs had biological agents of disease (biowarfare) and red mercury, along with the Egyptian Heku Magic incantations and spells of protection. Several doctors have died exploring the Giza labyrinth. It was a magnificent, majestic work of art, and it stood in excellent condition, as if its spirit of the thing had maintained its own house keeping. Its lid had been slightly moved. Looking inside its opening, it was empty, no burred king, except perhaps the body of aura of previous initiations. This was all of some interest, but there were no decorations of the objects of the Akenaton (AkuAton) initiations, as the article had stated. Clearly the custody of the Rosicrucians, had removed these into their Occult arkives, left to be experienced by only the most Arkane, who were trusted with the Arkana of Arkaic Archives, as they were rendered Agape with the Arcanum. All that remained, on the floor, were broken vases, and a sribe print, some of which were used to imprint the king of the stars’ Cartouche. The room to the left, had space for the sarcophagus of a child. I looked to another vertical shaft with a ladder, in the first room on the right. At first I thought that the light did not illuminate it, but on reinspection, it too welcomed me with subterranean light. This ladder was a trifle more challenging than the other, not being as firmly secured as the previous ones. As I reached the bottom, I came into a room on the west side, that was illuminated perfectly. In the middle of a pool of water, there was the sarcophagus, now believed to be the Tomb of Osiris. Again, not completely accurate, as you will see in the photographs that follow, which indicates the artist followed descriptions onto the canvas, rather than personal experience. It lay like a semi-island, surrounded by water. The water was illuminated from underneath (this was a most fortunate situation and time that I had gone down I was to discover). Borris Said’s tomograph scannings revealed a tunnel from under the Sphinx, to the Tomb Of Osiris. I thoroughly investigated the room under the Sphinx’s backside (the Ass Chambre), in December 1997, the lowest point did resonate, slightly, indicating a lower tunnel. Underneath the sarcophagus was a huge cleared vertical shaft that was submerged in water. There were tunnels going west to the middle pyramid, and east to the Sphinx. The water that surrounded the island had sloping shafts that felt to the vertical central shaft. When some of my colleagues ventured in again to film this, these underwater lights were switched off, unfortunately. This journey down, upon later research, showed that some astounding discoveries had been made under the water, and that the scanning work of Dr.. Borris Said of an underground tunnel leading to the Sphinx, has not only been confirmed, but thoroughly explored. Borris Said’s explorations: The previous photographs of this area, showed the sarcophagus to be surrounded by solid dirt. Non of the water is evident in Dr.. Borris Said’s photographs from 1997. Borris Said’s explorations: Significant progress had been made, and Graham Hancock was not relaying the full story, he had denied this part of the story, and had thrown doubt on Dr.. Borris Said’s scanning work. I read Hancock’s statement after I had been down, but whilst I still was in Egypt. I read it in non-exceptional disbelief, but considering what was to emerge as the story progressed, the “web” of researchers, disclosed itself. Public domain photograph released by Orbit As the above photograph shows, the lid is being fastened by a metal chain. Underneath, the first excavations of the water are plain to see. The chain is thoroughly connected to the roof. Held by an inwedged metal bar, because should it fall, it has a long way to go, and damage would most likely ensue. There is a major shaft underneath. I wanted to go further. On the far west northern corner, there was a hole gaping at me. As I walked towards it, I was soon to discover that its access required my transportation over a delicate double ladder, laid down horizontally over the water, for the workers. As I started to go over it, the spectacular view under the water reminded me of the deep fall (this would have been easier should the spot lights underwater have been off). As I carefully made progress, since it was quite humid underneath there, probably well below the Nile level, I noticed that when stones fell into the water, they fizzled. This truly worried me, I thought of potassium or sodium hydroxide (lye), like acid but at the opposite end, eating the stones into potential. No one knew that I was down there, and if I fell into the water, and was eaten up by the potassium hydroxide, I would be a mysterious missing person. I decided to take extra caution, as I progressed. More and more rocks fell in and fizzled, reminding me of an Indiana Jones like adventure episode. As I reached on the rather remote bank by the tunnel, I realised that I had no torch with me. It did continue without end, from this closest vantage point. I attempted to climb up the dirt bank, but the earth gave way. I certainly did not want to fall into the water, but I thought that divers must have cleared underwater, so the potassium hydroxide could not be that strong. More earth fell into the water and sizzled to contradict this logick. From what I had heard of the labyrinth beneath the Giza Plateau, and what the VR remote viewing had shown as well, in virtual experience, was that there are deep vertical tunnels, and groping around in the dark, deep underground, in an area perhaps not too often explored, without a torch, unfortunately had me oscillating, until I decided that this tunnel would have to be explored another time (I did not know the hot local politics of this tomb then, so thought I would spend many a day exploring and documenting this tomb). This tunnel went off into the direction of the Great Pyramid, so may have been a potential “side street” to the deep underground labyrinth. The sarcophagus has been carbon dated, and the dating figures are so off the Egyptological track that they are being released very slowly. The lid itself was removed from dirt, which had settled over time, over the deep shaft, embedded there, as a sign to look deeper. It has ingrown shells like coral as the following photographs reveal. Whilst we were going into our Time Gate night in the great pyramid, in early March, we were accompanied by the inspector, one of the first under the chain of command of Dr. Hawass. I spoke to him regarding the “well shaft” in the causeway, and that Dr. Hawass had made the discovery of the century, I asked when his book would be ready, the inspector was surprised, he told me :not many people know that he is writing a book”, and then asked whose sarcophagus Dr.. Hawass thought it was; whether he had found Chefren’s tomb? Without hesitation, and with 5 witnesses present, he stated, overtly “Dr.. Hawass thinks that it is the Tomb of the god Osiris,” Randolph Barolet caught my eye, and then stated, so the inspecter could here, I am a witness to what he just stated. We learnt more from this inspector, within the Great Pyramid, at least he confirmed what a great deal of the locals had passed on, some reliable, some perhaps not, but always the story is the same in these regards (as will be shared in the next postings on the Hallway Or Records HOR). Since, at precisely the same time that the above story was obtained by our team, a press release in Denmark confirmed the same story, the significance of it all is building. But this is just one cornerstone in the Pyramid of stones we are and have uncovered. Here then is the translated press release: Sandpit Of Royalty By Dorte Quist The egyptologist Zahi Hawass, who will put a golden top on the Cheops pyramid at the commencement of the new millennium, reveals the most recent grave finds in Giza to Queen Margrethe and King Gustav in Sweden. Egypt’s age-old history and numerous imposing monuments has always had a fascinating effect on kings and queens all over the world. Egypt’s leading archaeologist Zahi Hawass has been touring Scandinavia recently and gave lectures to Queen Margrethe in Copenhagen as well as the Swedish King Gustav, Queen Sylvia and 75 members of their family and staff at the royal castle in Stockholm. On those occasions he revealed the most recent and secret finds in Giza. “I have found a shaft, going 29 meters [95 feet, approximately] vertically down into the ground, exactly halfway between the Chefren Pyramid and the Sphinx. At the bottom, which was filled with water, we have found a burial chamber with four pillars. In the middle is a large granite sarcophagus which I expect to be the grave of Osiris, the god,” Zahi Hawass says. After eleven years as manager of the Giza area and the pyramids he is now one of the most well-known persons in Egypt. “I have been digging in Egypt’s sand for more than 30 years, and up to date this is the most exciting discovery I have made,” says Hawass, who hasn’t published the find in his native country at all. “We found the shaft in November and began pumping up the water recently. So several years will pass before we have finished investigating the find.” “But when your queen attended my lecture in Copenhagen and displayed such a vast interest and knowledge regarding Egypt’s history, I felt like initiating Her Majesty in the most recent find.” Since the Egyptian Book of the Dead, describes precisely what happens to Osiris, where is his body. The Book of the Dead describes precisely where his body was taken, and how it was prepared, after being removed from the Sarcophagus. As we go into part two, we will explore new discoveries inside the Great Pyramid, the highway of the Hallway Of Records, and amass the stories of the body of Osiris and a secret chambre, and relate it to the New Millennium, with a degree of coherence. There will be photographs to document parts of what is to be presented herein. This article is to be expanded soon, with more large format photographs. Any one wanting to publish this article should consult me at and there will be a good chance, we can also provide high resolution photgraphs, should your intentions be to inform humanity. Come back soon…

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