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CHRISTOPHER WAS AN EMBARRASSMENT! Columbus whose real name was Salvatore Ferdinand Zarco was a Black Portuguese Moor in the service of the Vatican, he was sent to The New World or West Indies to reduce the black heretic kingdoms of the Moors to perpetual slavery and servitude to Rome forever. Salvatore Ferdinand Zarco was a maritime Admiral born in Cuba, a small town in Portugal. His secret names: Cristobal Colon or Christopher Columbus his Converso (Christian) name. “The word Columbus means dove in Latin, and Christopher means Christ-bearer. Columbus believed himself to be empowered by a papal bull called the Dum Diversas issued 18 June 1452, the Spanish Inquisition of 1478, and the Doctrine of Discovery. His actions were a continuation of a religious “race war” of International proportions, the goals were to commit genocide, annihilate and completely destroy the worldwide “Moorish-Israelite-Muslim Empire” and Indigenous People on both sides of the Atlantic. A plan was hatched to justify this by demonizing them both by saying these war crimes were necessary to convert the savages to Christianity.

DNA analysis of the remains of Christopher Columbus, done by forensic scientists at the University of Cambridge, prove beyond a shadow a doubt that the famed navigator was of African descent. “A five-hundred-year-mystery has been solved,” said Wellington Malley, the head of the Cambridge research team. “Even though Columbus was born in Genoa, and spoke and wrote in Spanish most of his life, the DNA is clear – Columbus was 100% African. We believe he was from the west coast, probably from what is now Cameroon.”


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