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cold adapted lie

So called whites have sought to explain their so called white or pale skin by declaring that they became "COLD ADAPTED" Humans, owing to their adaptation to the Northern Climate...

Of course that is 100% false... Modern so called whites in Europe and in the U.S. are Slavs (slaves) They have nothing to do with ancient ANYBODY in Europe... They are migrants from CENTRAL ASIA in the CURRENT era... Any encyclopedia will document their entry into Europe... These so called whites in Central Asia had plenty of Sunshine—in Kazakhstan, for eight months of the year, the average UV intensity is level 8 out of a maximum 11... Thus there was no reason to turn White there! The so called white man’s true homeland (Central Asia) is not an extreme environment, it has a moderate UV index (5) and moderate Winters with Hot Summers... Also, Central Asia was UNAFFECTED by the last "Ice age". Therefore there was NO ENVIORMENTAL NEED for the so called white man to become "Cold Adapted" or so called White...

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