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The story of Christ coming from Galilee being born of a virgin.. Being taken to Egypt by his parents fleeing Herod.. Being baptized in the Jordan river by John.. Getting crucified at Golgotha & resurrecting the third day etc.. Is a story that’s taken place every month in the human body..

Galilee which means “Circuit” in Greek represents your Brain where Christ which is “Christos” or “Oil” in Greek comes from.. The parents of Christ are the Pineal and Pituitary(i.e Joseph & Mary).. The Christ Seed is born in the abdomen every month & makes it’s way to the Sacrum Pump(i.e Egypt), but only comes back up when Herod(i.e Our Ego) is killed..

Once the Christ makes it’s way up the Spinal Column it must be baptized in the Jordan River.. the river represents the sexual waters that must be held within the individual during this process.. If the sexual energy is spilled through orgasm the Christ is killed & dumped out into the Dead Sea(i.e Lower Extremities)..

Thus any act that’s sinful slows down or prevents the automatic action of the seed, which is Christ, from going up the spine into the promised land(i.e Cerebrum).. This seed, if not interfered with, should, when born in the solar plexus, get “baptized” in the spinal cord fluid which is the river Jordan in esoteric terms, like Ya’sha was baptized in the river Jordan..

-Nag Hammadi-

Testimony of Truth “But the Son of Man came forth from Imperishability, being alien to defilement. He came to the world by the Jordan river, and immediately the Jordan turned back. And John bore witness to the descent of Jesus. For it is he who saw the power which came down upon the Jordan river; for he knew that the dominion of carnal procreation had come to an end. The Jordan river is the power of the body, that is, the senses of pleasures. The water of the Jordan is the desire for sexual intercourse. John is the archon of the womb.”

If the Christ is saved due to the individual saving his/her desire for the orgasm it continues it’s journey to Golgotha which means the base of the skull(i.e Cerebellum) where it remains 2 1/2 days & on the 3rd day rises to the Optic Thalamus regenerating the individual.. Thus the Christ have returned to the Most High(i.e Cerebrum)

The crucifixion would not kill the seed but would, after three days, transmute it so that it’s more potent than it was before; it would cause the renewal of the mind and the transformation of the body to a more spiritual one; if this process is not interfered with each month, soon the person would realize the Kingdom of Heaven, the promised land, within

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