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choctaws of ole miss

Senator McKennon’s mandate was to record the remaining Mississippi Choctaws, but history reveals that the McKennon Rolls were terminated without notice to claimants who were kept in the dark about their status until after the closure of even the Dawes Commission Rolls. They were left to languish in place without provision or legal Citizenship.

Without Sanctuary: Ethnic (Black) Mississippi and Louisiana Choctaws never renounced their Choctaw Nationality and were never Naturalized as U.S. Citizens.

-Surnames of McKennon Roll Claimants- Enrolled at Hattiesburg, Mississippi, 1899- Adam, Adams, A-ha-tubbee, Aikin, Alin, Allen, Amos, Anderson, Arkansas, Austin, Bachelor, Barney, Bell, Ben, Billey, Billy, Bob, Boley, Boon, Bowlan, Broke-shoulder, Burmingham, Calhoun, Camel, Charlas, Charlie, Chatham, Chitto, Comby, Cooper, Christon, Culberson, Cun-che-tubbe, Cuttie, Daniel, Dansby, Davis, Denson, Dixon, Dyas, Elan, Ellis, Emaline, Emi-yah-tubbee, Farbus, Farmer, Foley, Fortune, Franklin, Frenchman, Gibson, Golden, Gun-smith, Guss, Hampton, Handy, Haney, Harjo, Harper, Hattenstie, Hawkins, Hen-lar-bee, Henry, Hickman, Hill, Hinson, Hopson, Hotubbee, Hudson, Hunter, Isaac, Iisom, Isom, Jack, Jackson, Jacob, Jacobs, Jacoway, Jackoway, James, Jamison, Jasper, Jeff, Jefferson, Jenkins, Jim, Jim-Isaacs, Jimmie, John, Johnson, Johny, Jollis, Jones, Joshua, Kelly, King, LaFlore, Lee, Lewis, Louis, Ma-hat-sti-ah, Martin, Marris, Mashulaka, Mayer, McCormick, McMillan, Miller, Momon, Moore, Morris, Moses, Nail, Nelson, Nubbee, On-na-habbi, Parker, Pearson, Perry, Peter, Philip, Phillip, Pis-tubbee, Pis-sah-tee-chubbee, Polk, Porter, Post-oak, Primus, Random, Rasha, Robison, Rush, Sam, Scott, Sexton, Shoemaker, Simmons, Simon, Simpson, Smith, Sockey, Solomon, Stemona, Stephen, Stee, Stoliby, Sturdevant, Tecumseh, Thomas, Thompson, Tillis, Tom, To-ma-ha-tubbee, Tomby, Tookala, Tookolo, Too-nubbee, Tubbee, Tuf-fa-ma, Wah-ca-tubbee, Wait, Waiter, Wallace, Washington, Wedge, Weshock, Wesley, Wickson, Wiley, William, Williamson, Willis, Wilson, York; Credits–New-Ethnic

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