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Black Power Light After experiencing various types of unique and beautiful personalities along with the various crooked and phony ones, I have decided to conclude that some people are just bullshitters and need to be understood rather than resented; therefore, I currently declare the fascinating and ground-breaking study of Bullshitology. I have also mentally documented the recurring actions of these certain bullshitters. Here are some of their traits: 1. Circular Debate – once they have been corrected, they slyly go to another point to attack you personally in order to discredit the validity of your correction. 2. Childish Insults – when they run out of good points, rather than agree to disagree, they proceed to directly or indirectly insult you. 3. Ego stimulation – they converse to win as if a discussion is a competition and not a quest for truth. 4. Guise – they’ll use spirituality, law, culture, race, knowledge, to deify themselves and hide their inconsistencies and inadequacies 5. Blanket Demonization – they’ll demonize you by calling you ignorant, too negative, vampire, khaffir, sinner, heathen, to dismiss you and the truth you present. Beware of bullshitters. They’ll use their spiritual ego complex, knowledge, culture, race, to bullshit you. Peace

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