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HE WHO MAKES THE MAP TELLS THE STORY……. Old Maps from the 1600’s to the Early 1900’s. All are labeled in the native language of the people. We have a French Map, labeled In French, A German Map, labeled in German, An English Map in English and a Russian Map in Russian. Why are none of the Maps of America written in the indigenous languages of the people they represent. Because all the Names on these maps were produced by foreigners who were defining us based on their belief system Every nation has the right to define themselves according to their history and beliefs. Why in 2018 is the PAPER GENOCIDE CONTINUING. This time at the less informed hands of our own people. People who work against us by making bogus claims they cant prove. Where is Our Maps with our Languages. Thats the Only Ancient map eye am concerned with. But anyone who knows indigenous culture before colonization, knows we dont have cartographers. AND PLEASE DON’T CONFUSE SCRIPT WITH LANGUAGE.

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