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CHARLES XV—Master Mason—House of Bernadotte Here are a couple descriptions of Charles’ father Oscar I of Sweden;— “Prince Oscar, who, when he is King of Sweden, will be the first of that name, is a dark, well formed man, [with] a dash of the Hebrew in his physiognomy. Dark means Swarthy. You may see by the black curls of his hair, and his olive complexion, that he is no true son of the North”

SOURCE; (Robert Gordon Latham, “Norway, and the Norwegians: In Two Volumes, Volume 1”; 1840) “Prince Bernadotte, second son of Oscar ll of Sweden and Norway, resembles his father and his brothers only in his fine physique...his hair, beard and eyes are black and his complexion swarthy” SOURCE; (Leonard Bacon, ‎Joseph Parrish Thompson, ‎Richard Salter Storrs; “The Independent, Vol. 50”; 1898) The word Swarthy or Swart derives from ‘Schwarz’ or ‘Schwartz’ which means “to be black; black man, and negro SOURCE; (Flügel-Schmidt-Tanger, a Dictionary of the English and German Languages for Home and School; 1905) Definition of SWARTHY: Black, Dark Brown, Tawny [tan colored]

SOURCE; (Samuel Johnson, “A Dictionary of the English Language; in which the Words are Deduced from Their Originals; and Illustrated in Their Different Significations ... Together with a History of the Language, and an English Grammar.”; Vol 4; 1818) The sitter in the portrait of Charles XV is erroneously said to be “John Panzio Tockson” However, as usual, there are absolutely no firsthand historical records that speak of a “John Panzio Tockson” Eurocentricks tell us he was “the African favorite and valet of king Charles XV of Sweden” And that “It is unknown how he arrived in Sweden” It was painted by Augusta Åkerlöf in 1859... Augusta Amalia Carolina Åkerlöf was a Swedish Painter and the official court painter for Charles XV of Sweden... Charles XV was King of Sweden and Norway (proclaimed as Charles XV, but in recent times referred to accurately as Charles IV) from 1859 until his death... Members of fraternal orders are known for wearing fezzes... “Perhaps in no country has Freemasonry been better protected than in Sweden. King CHARLES XV., of Sweden, is Vicarius Salomonis of the Ninth Province” SOURCE; (Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of New York; 1864) “The ninth degree, or "Vicarius Salomonis," was the highest dignitary, the guardian of the mysteries, and was conferred on only one person in each province” SOURCE; (Robert Macoy, Masonic Publishing and Manufacturing Co, “Masonic Eclectic, Volume 1”; 1860) “Last autumn I had the honor of being a guest of His Majesty, Charles XV., King and Grand Master of Masons in Sweden and Norway” SOURCE; (The Freemason's Monthly Magazine, Volume 24; 1865) “In this way the revolutionary anarchist Bakunin even met the Swedish King Charles XV who was 'grandmaster of the local Masons” SOURCE; (Rob Knowles, “Political Economy from Below”; 2013) Though known as King Charles XV in Sweden he was actually the ninth Swedish king by that name... The Crown Prince was Viceroy of Norway briefly in 1856 and 1857... He became Regent on September 25 1857, and king on the death of his father on July 8 1859... As Crown Prince, Charles' brusque manner led many to regard his future accession with some apprehension, yet he proved to be one of the most popular of Scandinavian kings and a constitutional ruler in the best sense of the word... His reign was remarkable for its manifold and far-reaching reforms... Sweden's existing municipal law (1862), ecclesiastical law (1863) and criminal law (1864) were enacted appropriately enough under the direction of a king whose motto was: Land skall med lag byggas - "With law shall the land be built"

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