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There is something to be said about the power of Character. I have seen more character from people who have nothing, refuse to play it safe, play by the rules and those who are at 'rock bottom' and are clawing their way back up; than those who have lived without risk. I value as much as I hate those moments where Life draws your attention one way, then slams you in the gut with her sledgehammer and drops you dead...but I do not fear those moments. I have seen too many people hit harder than me, knocked down farther and pinned down while made to lay still longer.... And I have seen those people rip their way from their graves and pass me up as they full out sprint faster and hit back harder to live their lives with a ruthless level of passion. I find my strength in the others who have integrity to voice their truth no matter what the cost. Those who follow passion instead of routine. Those who risk the losing the comfort of company and security of others in order to reach the level or life that cannot be felt without fist having been broken. Character is risk and with risk comes the reward of knowing how to risk again and again and again. There is no 'finish line' for us. There is only the next race, the next fight, the next war...the next moment to say, 'get the fuck out of my way. That Heartache has my name on it...and I NEED it to be Me.' Own your day."

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