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1) WHERE ARE YOUR MEDIEVAL 700,000+ scientific MANUSCRIPTS in one european city alone as seen in TIMBUKTU?! 2) WHERE IS YOUR 25,000 BC ISHANGO BONE with evidence of proto-mathematical concepts?! 3) WHERE IS YOUR 9000 BC NAPTA PLAYA with evidence of 67 tombs containing “negro” skeletons a couple of miles away?!? 4) WHERE IS YOUR 60,000 yr OLD PROTO-WRITING found on more than 270 egg shell parts with the same inscriptions found over a period of 5000 – 10,000 yrs?!? 5) WHERE IS YOUR 300 BC BORANA CALENDAR as still used in NAMORATUNGA ?!? WHERE IS YOUR 300BC BORANA ASTRONOMICAL INSCRIPTIONS as found on the NAMORATUNGA MONOLITHS?! WHERE IS YOUR 300BC EVIDENCE OF NAMORATUNGA ASTRONOMICAL OBSERVATORY mapping the 7 star constellation. 6) WHERE ARE YOUR ANCIENT ETHIOPIAN BINARY MATHEMATIC concepts now used on modern computers with the help of processors to speed up this Ancient AFRICAN ALGORITHM? 7) WHERE IS YOUR ANCIENT BAMBARA SAND DIVINATION CONCEPT? 8) WHERE ARE YOUR 1 million ANCIENT SOUTH AFRICAN STONE STRUCTURES that date back to 75,000 BC?! 9) WHERE IS YOUR ADAM CALENDAR? 10) WHERE IS YOUR GENETIC ADAM? 11) WHERE IS YOUR GENETIC EVE? 12) WHERE IS YOUR EVIDENCE OF EUROPEAN TRIBES MAPPING SIRIUS B with exact coordinates and plotting its 50 yr orbit cylcle without telescopes. 13) WHERE IS YOUR EVIDENCE OF EUROPEAN TRIBES MAPPING JUPITER with its four moons without TELESCOPES?! 14) WHERE IS YOUR EVIDENCE OF EUROPEAN TRIBES MAPPING the BLOOD CIRCULATION of HUMANS before Williams Harvey?! 15) WHERE IS YOUR VERSION OF “NEGRO FEATURES” sphinx as agreed by hundreds of so called EGYPTOLOGISTS (european perspectives of KMT / KMTjw) 16) WHERE ARE YOUR 4000 BC – 1000 AD STONE STRUCTURES as found in Ancient Ghana? 17) WHERE ARE YOUR 3000 BC PROTO-MANDE INSCRIPTIONS found in the grotte of Oued Mertoutek?! Where are your comparative analysis of a 3000 BC proto-mande script in relation to Indus Valley Script, Gebel Suleiman, Egyptian Scripts etc as done by Dr. Clyde Winters?! 18) WHERE IS YOUR 35,000 BC LEBOMBO bone?! 19) WHERE IS YOUR 5000BC MUMMY?! 20) WHERE IS YOUR 2000 BC PSEUDO RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR as mentioned by acclaimed mathematician Dr. RON EGLASH?!? 21) WHERE IS YOUR 2000+ BC IKOM INSCRIPTION (Precursor of NSIBIDI script) as found on over 350 Ancient BASALT MONOLITHS in NIGERIA? 22) WHERE IS YOUR EVIDENCE of 11,000 BC CERAMIC POTTERY as found in WEST AFRICA?! 23) WHERE IS YOUR EVIDENCE OF N. EUROPE DOING ANYTHING BEFORE 800 BC?! 24) WHERE IS YOUR EVIDENCE OF 90,000 BC FISHING EXPEDITIONS?! 25) WHERE IS YOUR ARABIC ACCOUNTS, BOTTANICAL EVIDENCE, NATIVE AMERICAN ACCOUNTS, AS WELL AS METALLURGIC EVIDENCE of your MALIAN EXPEDITION VERSION to the AMERICAS in 1311 AD?! As a matter of fact where is your evidence of Columbus’ written accounts claiming that native Americans were in contact with Northern Europeans in the Americas or the Carribean? 26) WHERE IS YOUR CONTINUOUS USE OF AN INDIGENOUS ANCIENT EUROPEAN SCRIPT STILL USED TODAY either as modern SCRIPTS or as SYMBOLS as seen with PROTO-MANDE SCRIPT derivatives (mende, vai, bambara, Loma, Kpelle, Manenka), Ancient Nsibidi, or Ancient Ge’ez or Ancient Akan script?! 27) WHERE IS YOUR ANCIENT ……………….?!?! The List goes on and on and on!! 28) WHERE IS YOUR 2000+ BC EVIDENCE of BOVIN or DRIVEN CHARIOTS as seen on the caves of WEST AFRICA?! 29) WHERE IS YOUR ANCIENT EVIDENCE OF A 7000 BC – 8000 BC REPRESENTATION of boat carved on a granite pebble?! WHERE IS YOUR EVIDENCE of 3000 BC REPRESENTATION BOATS with SAILS as FOUND on NUBIAN pottery?! 30) WHERE IS YOUR EVIDENCE OF ANCIENT THATCHED ROOF TECHNOLOGY as found on modern MUD BRICK huts now used on MANSIONS and houses all over the world including Northern Europe …LoL? 31) WHERE IS YOUR EVIDENCE of 15,000 yr OLD DOMESTICATED cattle as found in East Africa by University of Massachusetts anthropologist?! 32) WHERE IS YOUR EVIDENCE OF 18,000 yr OLD DOMESTICATED GRAIN CROPS as found by Dr. Nelson?! WHERE IS YOUR ANCIENT …… ?!?! S…M…H euroNUT-tricks seem to forget that Europeans are the last branch of the human race (5500 BC to 12.000BC) and was colonised by Africans not once with the MOORISH INVASION but with HANNIBAL, TAHARQA, and in very Ancient times with the Ancient Egyptians & Phoenicians and the GRIMALDI men in Southern Europe … S…M…H For euroNUTtricks to say MEDIEVAL EUROPEANS are the only inventors or originators of scientific concepts is INSULTING the intelligence of Asians, Native Americans, Native Australians and Africans combined. Until Next time CIVILIZATION ORIGINATED IN AFRICA, ASIA and later on in 800 BC with the Greeks ( who were heavily colonized by AFRICANS). CASE CLOSED

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