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CARLOS I OF PORTUGAL & his wife AMÉLIE OF ORLEANS—The King & Queen of Portugal—House of Braganza Carlos I was the King of Portugal from 1889 until his assassination in 1908… He was the first Portuguese king to die a violent death since King Sebastian in 1578... Carlos was born in Lisbon, Portugal, the son of King Luís and Queen Maria Pia, daughter of King Victor Emmanuel II of Italy, and was a member of the House of Braganza… On February 1, 1908, the royal family was returning to Lisbon from the Ducal Palace of Vila Viçosa in Alentejo, where they had spent part of the hunting season during the winter… They traveled by train to Barreiro and, from there, they took a steamer to cross the Tagus River and disembarked at Cais do Sodré in central Lisbon… On their way to the royal palace, the open carriage with Carlos I and his family passed through the Terreiro do Paço fronting on the river…

While they were crossing the square at dusk, shots were fired from amongst the sparse crowd by two republican activists: Alfredo Luís da Costa and Manuel Buíça… Buíça, a former army sergeant and sharpshooter, fired five shots from a rifle hidden under his long overcoat… The king died immediately, his heir Luís Filipe was mortally wounded, and Prince Manuel was hit in the arm… The queen alone escaped injury… The two assassins were killed on the spot by police; an innocent bystander, João da Costa, was also shot dead in the confusion… Eurocentricks tell us that this is a native Congolese king named “Pedro”—Pedro VII Let that sink in…

A pseudonym or alias is a fictitious name that a person or group assumes for a particular purpose… In this case—a fictitious name that a group assigned to a person for a particular purpose… The “VII” in “Pedro VII”, is what’s known as Regnal numbers—which are ordinal numbers used to distinguish among persons with the same name who held the same office… Most importantly, they are used to distinguish monarchs… An ordinal is the number placed after a monarch's regnal name to differentiate between a number of kings, queens or princes reigning the same territory with the same regnal name… Almost all West European monarchs, after medieval times have used ordinals… Ordinals were a European creation… Congolese Kings and chiefs did not use Regnal numbers after their names… Congolese Kings and chiefs did not wear European military uniforms or European coronation robes, or European crowns, or Europeans medals, emblems, decorations and regalia… The original Portuguese, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, Italians, French, Spaniards, Swedes, Russians, and Germans, were so called Black men... The data to support that assertion is already plentiful and available on this page... We’re told that “Pedro” was King of the Congo… The truth is that he was the so called black Portuguese King that was also the sovereign of the Congo... Cabinda = Portuguese Congo...

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