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* Before moving on; there is one more important lesson to be learned from those Humans who inhabit the Arctic regions. White people can NOT safely live there! Humans STILL need Dark Skin in those environments! White skin is NOT only destroyed in hot tropical environments.

Winter activities, such as snow skiing and snow boarding, pose a high risk of sunburn because UV radiation is more severe in alpine regions than at sea level. Snow is also very efficient at reflecting UV radiation. Also, what many people assume is windburn is actually sunburn. The wind doesn’t’t burn the skin, UV radiation does. There is no ‘safe’ tan.

Skin cancer rates in the scandinavian countries is very high, as it is in all of Northern Europe.

Rates greatly decline in Southern Europe, because those people tend to have “Darker” complexions.

* Even the coldest, most Sun-Deprived place on the Earth, is not safe for White people!


Antarctic researchers need solid sun block: study

Expeditioners to Antarctic train for freezing temperatures and social isolation, but a study has found there is something else to be wary of — SUNBURN!

The recent joint study by the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) and the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency found that more than 80 percent of researchers to the South Pole were potentially exposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays in excess of the recommended limits. Almost a third received more than five times these limits.

The study showed that in some cases the UV exposure levels in Australian Antarctic stations can reach an index level of 8 or more, making exposure levels there similar to what lifeguards in Australia’s sunny Queensland state potentially receive.

### — Thank you for reading my posts. Credits, respect & grattitude to the researchers from RealHistory, the most awakened minds in the Black Community. — ###

*** Images matter. History is a tool for growth. We have been taught false history. * The media & the education system dont show real images of the first settlers world wide and the progenitor of humans because they were all Black. It’s proven by genetics & the study of excavations, art & literature. * Without a past you don’t have a future. Knowledge of Self is the cure for selfhate, skinbleeching, lack of pride & self-destruction.

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