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Hey Fam! All white folk on Earth fit into either 1 of the two following categories: 1) benefactor of white supremacy/racism 2) participant of white supremacy/racism If you all will link white supremacy/racism to the concept of “bully” … so many in this country despise bullying. Plenty of reports on it. Schools trying to end it. But the ultimate bully is White Supremacists. So from now on see this: Bully=White Supremacist/Racist White Person = Bystander Victim = All People of Color/Prisoner of War Especially consider that when reading this article this concept when looking at this article. Holla back then with your thoughts, ideas, opinions, impressions … lets talk. Información sobre este sitio web Northam blackface scandal forces Virginians to talk about what redemption for racism should look like

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