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Why is it that we find on old maps of the Americas the names of cities that have their counterparts in the names of localities in the so called Middle East?

When dealing with the ancient so called Middle East, a place name, can hide out under various spellings…

Leading so called biblical scholars know that they’ve never been able to find the biblical cities and events in the dirt of the place now being called ”Middle East”

That is not the place that the Scriptures describe in such great detail…

What made that West African man, “Barzillai,” so powerful and so important, that famed King David fled to him, for protection???

Why does South America’s “Brazil” still carry his name???

What was it that made him so important and strong???

Well, I’ll tell you, they had to name a landmass after the king that rescued David as a boy…

That King name was BARZILLAI, today Brasilia/Brazil is that off shoot…

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