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blacks in arts

Here we are dealing with so called Blacks in art, and what modern day Eurocentricks have done with so called Blacks in art...

What they do is to declare those so called Blacks pictured in European art as either slaves, servants, the mythical Saint Maurice, Saint Balthazar, Ira Aldridge, Olaudah Equiano, Ignatius Sancho, or most ridiculously, Ambassadors of the King of the Congo...

Another tactic they use to falsify the true meaning of so called Black artwork is to give it false and often derogatory titles, stupid lies intended to explain away the presence of so called Blacks in Europe i.e. they are ALWAYS Africans, slaves, servants, Saint Maurice or Saint Balthazar…

When portraits of so called Black nobility are discovered, Eurocentricks concoct outrageously stupid scenarios to explain their existence...

They like to engage in one of their favorite methods of falsifying history, that is to declare all European so called Blacks as Africans, African slaves, or the children of African slaves; without the inconvenience of having to prove what they say..

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