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Blackity black

Of course Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour,the son of God is black! And this is a white Preacher telling you this!Yes, the Christ is Black! Deal with it!Not only is Jesus black, but so was Adam and Eve and most, though not all personalities of the bible!Surprised? You should not be! When Christianity was brought from Africa to Europe, no one at that time had a problem with the fact that Christ is black.

Over the centuries, Christ was “changed” to a white man by the european religious figures to fit their idea of what he shoud be. After all, they did not want the masses worshipping a black man! I know Christ is black, not think he is.NOTICE THE IS. HE IS STILL BLACK AS HE WAS WHEN HE WAS WALKING THIS EARTH. CHRIST NEVER CHANGES! The truth will be revealed to all at his coming.

You will see the Black Christ in his glory on the clouds!I could go on forever, but to what end? if you seek the Lord on this matter earnestly, he will reveal the truth to you!I am as i said a white preacher located in Louisiana.Concerns or questions? Let me know. I can go into much greater detail.

I love all of you in the Lord. Reverend Richard Whitmire, New Horizion Ministries.I AM A PRISONER OF CHRIST.I AM A WHITE PREACHER WHO SERVES OUR BLACK LORD! PRAISE AND GLORY BE TO GOD AND HIS SON!Posted by: richard whitmire | March 13, 2011 at 02:11 PM

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