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black samurai

The name of the Moor Samurai in the picture is Yasuke pronounced (Yas-Kay). During the early 1500’s, he was the principal protector and first general to Japan’s Moor Emperor and Warlord, Oba Yabunaga. Yasuke’s combat style, adroitness and mastery was well documented, as he literally eviscerated his adversaries during combat. He was truly a force to be reckoned with.The first Samurais / Ninjas were Moor (samoori) warriors. This information has always been available, and National Geographic aired a great documentary a few years ago.The documentary discussed and revealed how Japan’s original Samurais were Moors! YouTube also has many videos documenting this fact. The word “Moor” in fact means swarthy (dark skin).

Wow Mahreeyah Asim El shukran

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