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black russia

Black Russia –– “Dmitri Gulia Of course Blacks were the original Russians, and there are still some surviving today. Though the only ones that are documented, are the Abkhazian/Abkhasian people. That because the mulatto Abkhasian Dmitri Gulia (1874-1960), believing Herodotus’s account, asserted that his peoples heritage stemmed from Egyptian king Sesostris. He published a book called, History of Abkhazia, which purports to show that the black Colchian people of Southern Russia, were really an Abyssinian people of Egypt. He attempted to prove this by putting together a vast array of Abkhazian words that matched that of ancient Egypt’s. He also chronicles family names, names of rivers and mountains, anems of pre-Christian deities, and more. –– Russians like All Albino derived people, stupidly maintain that they are the original people, even though documented history clearly shows that they are most certainly NOT! And like all other Albino derived people, they create all manner of scenarios to explain away the Blacks in their midst – and true to form, many of these made-up scenarios involve Slavery. And like all other Albino derived people, they quickly create bogus artifacts which make Black and Mulatto people appear White – note this memorial coin of Dmitri Gulia. Future people will have no clue that he had a drop of Black blood in him! –– Speaking to Albino derived people’s capacity for lying: In Catherine the greats bio above; she is quoted as having found Peter detestable upon meeting him. She disliked his “pale complexion”. Well as a point of logic, if Catherine found THIS man “Pale”. –– Then she MUST obviously have been a much darker Black woman. Considering the Albino derived people’s capacity for lying and creating false paintings, statues, etc. That is a very real possibility! –– In Russia, as in the other lands occupied by the Albino derived people, as soon as a Black or mulatto man dies, White images of him are created. Note below: the Whitenization of Tsar Peter I, the Great. ” –– Read more on: http\:// +38

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