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black power

MARIO BALOTELLI: "I challenge you all ∆frican footballers to put money together with me to leave Rac!st £ur0pe and build stadiums in ∆frica and develop our youth. We have money we can build at least 5 world-class stadiums in each country and sign a petition that no players will be exported to £ur0pe ever again. Here in ∆frica, they will play under the love of their sisters and brothers with no one singing rac!st chants in the stands against them. We are more talented. We can make our Champions League quality and our league's quality. We have great talent that is never appreciated ∆broad." #BKQ

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King James IV (1473-1513) and the European Muurs – Jide Uwechia King James IV (1473-1513) and the European Muurs – by Jide Uwechia King James IV of Scotland came to the throne in 1488. He was an able

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The Constitution came from our ancient laws and Hebrew laws, the Iroquois Confederacy also known as the Continental Congress. The Moors was the majority in all those groups, including the Union. Co


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