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black pirates of florida


The First Crusades against the Moors and Hebrews were started around 1096 AD by the swarthy Pope Urban II and his swarthy Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV. These Crusades went on for over four hundred years and World Wars I and II were a continuation of these Holy Wars: However, let's focus our attention to the Crusade Wars of the 1500's, since this is when Spain (Rome) invaded the Americas. The Crusades of the 1500’s involved two powerful families: the Ottoman Turks (Maurs and Hebrews) vs the Holy Roman Hapsburg Empire (Christians and Catholics). The Hapsburgs won this war by enslaving and killing the Maurs and Hebrews in the name of Christ: This Facebook post proves that the old world was ruled by swarthy people and that the Crusade Wars were Blood related Swarthy people fighting each other on both sides of the war.

All those who wouldn’t convert to Christianity by the sword, died by the sword. So many of our people died (over one hundred million people), via, biological chemical warfare, that the weather changed. It got extremely cold, due to all the loss of life, that a little “Ice Age” was the result of the conquest of Granada land (promised land/Holy land). It got so cold during the conquest of the Americas that the North Pole (Mount Meru) and Antartica froze over. I say this because I have several maps from the early 1500-1600's that show the North pole and Antarctica ice free with no icecap. The American Revolutionary War, the war of 1812, the Seminole Wars, the Barbery Wars (Barbery Pirates), the Civil War, and all wars after the 1500's, that occurred in the Americas, were a result of a long series of Holy Wars or Crusades against Moors and Hebrews for control over the promised land in the Americas. Rome wanted our rich lands and our abundant resources in the Americas, so they used religion to look civil in the process of taking everything from the Moors and Hebrews.

The Barbery wars from 1800-1815 occurred mostly in the Americas since Tunis (Tennessee), Algier (Louisiana), and Greater Morocco was in the Americas: This evidence suggests that the Caribbean Island and La floridas were the original Barbery Coast. When you read about the Barbery Wars the United States Corporation (Spain/Rome) was heavily involved. In fact, most vessels that were attacked by these Barbery Pirates were U.S. ships. These Barbery pirates were Berbers/Tartars (Moors) that were labeled pirates by the hijack U.S. Corporation to make it appear like they were the bad guys when all they were doing was defending their lands (the Barbery coast) and fighting against the roman regime change. The Barbary Pirates were called Florida Pirates and Hollywood made a movie series about them called "The Pirates of the Caribbean," which featured actor Johny Depp playing the role of the swarthy pirate Captain Jack Sparrow who had Dredd locks, which is a custom of the Mayans (Phoenician Maurs). In this post is an image of a Mayan with Dredd locks and with a red flag in his hands. The red flag was labeled a pirate's flag and a flag of rebellion because this flag fought against Rome for over four hundred years. Some examples of Florida Pirates are the Tampa Bay (Bey) Buccaneers, Manuel the Pirate, Black Casper, and Jose Gasparilla (the last of the Buccaneers). These Florida pirates were all swarthy because they were Seminole Indians (Mayans), aka, Moors. Please read this post in its entirety at the author's website at: Also, please donate money to my Cashapp $Amunhotep7 since your donations help me with travel and research. Thank you and enjoy. Peace.

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