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black nations

THE PRIMITIVE BLACK NATIONS OF AMERICA—by professor Constantine Samuel Rafinesque, 1832 The Native American Negroes or Black Indians have been seen in Brazil, Guyana, Caraccas, Popayan, Choco, North California and etc.

1) The Aroras or Caroras of Cumana, were black, but with fine features and long hair, like the Jolofs and Gallas of Africa. 2) The Esteros latitude 32, are like the Hottentots and the Numuquas, Tambukis, and many other Nigritian tribes, not black, but dark brown, yet complete Negroes, with large thick lips, broad flat noses, and very ugly, with hair crisped or curly. All these tribes live in New California 3) The American Negroes of Quarenqua, in Choco, (the great level plain 900 miles long, 90 wide, separating the Andes of South America from the mountains of Panama,) were black and with woolly heads in 1506. They are mentioned by Dangleria, and all the early accurate writers.

4) The Yemasees or Jamasi were remarkably Black people Notices of Florida and the Campaigns; 5) The Ancient Caracoles of Hayti, represented as a Nation of Beasts by the Historical Songs 6) The Califurnams of the Carib Islands, called Black Caribs or Guauini by others, are a black branch of Caribs. 7) The Arquahos of Cutara mentioned by Garcias in the West Indies, quite black. 8.) The Aroras of Raleigh or Yaruras of the Spaniards, ugly black or brown Negroes, yet existing near the Oronoco, and language known, called Monkeys by their neighbors 9) The Chaymas of Guyana, brown Negroes like Hottentots, 10) The Manjipas and Porcigis of Nienhof, the Motayas of Knivet are all of Brazil, brown Negroes with curly hair. 11) The Nigritas of Martyr in Darien, yet existing in Choco under the name of Chuanas or Gaunas or Chinos (Dariente). Ugly black or red Negroes. 12) The Manabies of Popayan (in Columbia) blackish with negroe features and hair. 13) The Guabas and Jaras of Tagugalpa (Tegucigalpa) near Honduras. 14) The Enslen or Esteros of New California, ugly blackish Negroes. 15) The Black Indians met by the Spaniards in Louisiana in 1543. 16) The Moon-eyed Negroes, and Albinos, destroyed by the Cherokees, and seen in Panama. Barton, Among these the Yarura language has 50% of analogy with the Gauna, 40% with the Ashanty or Fanty of Guinea, and about 33% with the Fulah, Bornu and Congo languages of Africa... In Asia it has 39% of numerical affinity with the Samang Negroes, and 40% with the Negroes of Andaman as well as those of Australia or New Holland... All this and many other details are given at length proved by authorities and compared vocabularies in my Memoir"

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