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Black Genius

The pyramid of Bin Bin, which puzzled scientists for thousands of years, and they were unable to solve the mystery. The pyramid is made of black stone, but it is not an ordinary stone because all its components do not exist on the face of the earth. The black iron stone is only found in space in space meteorites, and here appears the other puzzle because it is a very hard iron stone and difficult to shape and dig, but it is not difficult to break, so how was it cut with that Accuracy in angles and deflections?? How was its face polished with this

unique refinement? How was the engraving done with these very precise inscriptions on the faces of the pyramid, and the scientists found it impossible for any tool, whether old or new, to carve those inscriptions unless using a laser cutting tool. And now we come to the last mystery, which is that the black iron meteorite stone, thanks to its composition, enjoys transmitting positive electromagnetic energy in its surroundings that makes everyone who approaches it feel psychologically comfortable and affects human energy.. The pyramid is in the Egyptian Museum.From the group – The Secrets of Egypt

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