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black buddah

Gerald Massey on Black Buddha In the year 1805 India became under British rule under the “East Indian Company”. The British had clear archaeological evidence of Buddha in India. In the 1881 book by British Historian Gerald Massey Mr. Massey wrote on page 18 Volume one “The most reasonable view on the evolutionary theory—-and those who do not accept that have not yet begun to think, for lack of a starting point–is that the Black race is the most ancient, and that Africa is the primordial home. It is not necessary to show that the first colonizers of India were Negroes, but it is certain that the Black Buddha of India was imaged in the Negroid type. In the Black negro god, whether called Buddha or Sut-Nahsi, we have a datum. They carry in their color the proof of their origin. The people who first fashioned and worshipped the divine image in the Negroid mould of humanity must according to all knowledge of human nature, have been Negroes themselves. For the Blackness is not merely mystical, the features and the hair of the Buddha belong to the Black race, and Nahsi is the negro name. The genetrix represented as the Dea Multimammae, the Diana of Ephesus, is found as a Negroid as were those of the Black Isis in Egypt

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