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black americans

Black Americans weren’t even allowed to have life insurance as if they they died that would create generational wealth for their future generations. Western slavery generated over 100 trillion in wealth in which every last dime your labor created went towards whites generational wealth. So they stole whole continent from indigenous then acquired over 100 trillion in free labor. Until the mid 20th century loans for homes and businesses were only given to whites once again creating generational wealth for whites. So the irony of a white individual speaking on freeloaders when everything they have is part of the biggest and longest affirmative action system ever created. I throw up in my mouth when I hear a Black person say they owe America for something we don’t owe America or any other western society shit as we built these nations. It’s simple take Africans out of Europe and Americas history and you have nothing. It’s truly hilarius whites and pseudo Arabs claim Ancient western Asian and African civilizations when they needed us to simply farm the land and build a nation. the Ancient empires in China built by Blacks same is true about India. Richest man ever an African Muslim in 1300s but let them tell it we’ve never accomplished anything. They’ve become so filled with self hate not only to they claim Ancient Egypt they claim Hannibal was white as well as Phoenicians. Why you ask because if they admit these folks were Black then all of those regions were Black including Hebrew, Persians etc. They claim they were great gladiators in Rome but I ask you where are these great white athletes today? The Romans were birthed by Black Etruscans who were Libyans who colonized Italy then came white invaders. So at best most Romans were mixed and they personally stated by the great Strabo Ethiopians are the most beautiful ancient people on earth who were the parents of Egyptians. When 1 becomes a doctor they take an Hippocratic oath he was the 1st Greek doctor who himself says he is a child of Imhotep who was the worlds 1st doctor and builder of the 1st pyramid and was worshipped by Greeks until the fall of their empire. Merit Ptah was the 1st female doctor also Egyptian and long before Hippocrates. Whats sad is 99% of us don’t know this and please stop with they hid it from us. I can run off a huge list of white writers who have written on these great people. I never accepted what they said about about my Black nappy headed big lips and big nose ass. Why because I simply looked in the mirror and knew I was great and came from a line of great people. We brag about about dominating sports while they laugh as they make billions and our physical greatness continues to supply wealth for their future generations. White folks said hey we are not a legendary people but as long as we can control a legendary people we can get rich off their doing amazing things we can’t do. Don’t get mad at them as we willingly allow this to happen. Tennis and golf sports that require a certain amount of wealth to afford to play. We’ve barely been able to participate in either sport but have the 2 most dominant ever in each. So my challenge to us is to do this on a creative and educational level because contrary to popular belief you would dominate academia if we chased it as much as athletics.

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