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Bitter pill

Sometimes honesty is a bitter pill to swallow due to peoples inability to change or accept whats true when the truth is brought in front of them and disrupts there world to the point of denial of that truth or the eventual acceptance of it which would in many cases can take days weeks months years and sometimes decades.

Im saying this because of the most recent book that ive read called True myth:Black vikings of the middle ages…..has been a profound work of scholarly proportions that is setting the record straight as to who were the vikings and how did they go from being black norseman to white tall blonde men.

Its been in my opinion an epic story that is challenging peoples way of thinking and believing as to who did what when where and how.History determines how you walk talk see feel and think and in todays world that we live in we mustttttt question how did we get here?

This book True myth the black vikings of the middle ages is a stellar and objective work that has placed it in my opinion as a Giant amongst its peers.

The author has taken a painstaking look at racial animus of whites against blacks and others and answers the question as to why theres so much angst and hatred that the Tamahus exhibit towards people of color and why white men have brought nothing to the table of humanity of brotherhood but death and destruction to the 4 corners of it until their white god has been disseminated throughout the world as the supreme and only being one needs to know and accept and the aweful devestating affect and effect it has had on people of color.

A deep riveting thought provoking work that im sure will answer many question of those who take the time to read this review and buy the ebook on will find it worthwhile.My only bad opinion of this monumental work is that i couldnt post excerpts from the book onto facebook outside of that i was very pleased with the book and i know my fb fam will be as well it was a gripping tale of our history which is world history for every second there is of world history past present and future is black history.Case closed caso cerrado

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