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THINK OF WHAT YOU CAN ADD MORE THAN WHAT YOU CAN TAKE There was a circulated photo of a vulture waiting for a starving Sudanese girl to die and feast on her during the 1993 famine in Sudan. The photo was taken by Kevin Carter, a South African photojournalist who later won the Pulitzer Prize for this 'amazing' shot (edited and left out here because of its inhumane posture). Kevin however lived just a few months to enjoy his supposed achievement because he later got depressed and took his own life! He was savoring his feat and he was being celebrated on major news channels and networks worldwide for such an 'exceptional' photographic skill. His depression started when, during one of the interviews he granted (a phone-in program), someone phoned in and asked him what happened to the child. Kevin replied, "I didn't wait to find out after this shot as I had a flight to catch..." And the person replied, "I put it to you that there were two vultures on that day; one had a camera." His constant thought of that statement led to depression and his ultimate suicide. So, are you too a vulture? In whatever we do, we should let humanity come first before what we can gain out of the situation. Kevin Carter could have been alive today and even be more celebrated if he had just picked that little girl up and taken her to the United Nations Feeding Center where she was attempting to reach. In all we do, let us always think of others and how we can be of benefit to humanity. How we can lend a helping hand and wipe tears? And when we seek knowledge, wealth, or even elective office, let us think of how we can use it to benefit the people most. A New You is possible. THINK OF WHAT YOU CAN ADD MORE THAN WHAT YOU CAN TAKE

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