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AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY DON BARDEN – THE WORLD’S BIGGEST AFRO-AMERICAN CASINO OWNER OF OUR TIMES It’s always very interesting to read biographies and learn what the most important people in the history of humanity actually did during their life. Probably, those of you who aren’t that familiar with the casino environment might ignore that Don Barden was the world’s biggest African-American casino owners of all times. Let’s Meet Don Barden In Person! His life story shows us all how a poor kid could grow up and develop one of the largest African-American owned casino businesses in the USA. Often times American society doesn’t allow poor people to develop their own skills and rise up from the social background – education and job being two main pillars in this process. However, when someone can rise from poverty, that’s a really good sign that something can still change in this world. And Don Barden’s story fully meet this hope. A Rising Casino Career In his initial business steps, Don Barden owned a record store in Ohio: he was very young by that time (21) and he had to use all of his savings ($500) to achieve his professional goals. Luckily, in less that one year, Don Barden’s business rose to success, becoming one of the 10 most important Afro-American owned companies of his city. The next important step happened when he decided to invest his career and financial possibilities in a new company, called Barden Cablevision. This new project has been serving Detroit and several suburban areas for years, building the cable television system. Finally, Mr. Barden had the great idea to open a new largest and most ambitious company: the Majestic Star, a riverboat casino in Indiana. And in 2001 he became the first Afro-American owner of a casino in Las Vegas, which worked to bring to him the highest visibility in the casino environment – he wasn’t, actually, allowed to open a casino in Detroit. However, his casino company could grow even larger, founding new satellite casinos in the rest of the US during the following years. More Personal And Public Achievements If you think that Don Barden had a special career only in the casino environment, you have to know that he was also the President and Chief Executive Officer of Barden Companies Inc. while being owner to several other companies. He spent about 30 years of his life operating in many business companies and, what’s more, in different industries, including the real estate market, the casino environment, the broadcasting sector along with the cable television segment and, last but not least, the international trading. Another particular thing in Don Barden’s career is that on of his numerous gambling facilities existed beside Donald Trump’s gambling facility. At some point, Mr. Barden decided to buy this other facility for an impressive high price. Sadly, in 2011 Don Barden died of lung cancer – which was a reason why his wife decided to go through legal separation in 2010. In fact, during his last years and months, Mr. Barden could hardly take care of his large billionaire business, an entertainment empire which required growing attention and management capabilities. Despite he left so many business tasks incompleted, Mr. Barden’s name became synonymous of hard work, dedication and lifetime professional efforts – a strong and everlasting example to follow for everyone in the gambling industry as well as in any other sector. Most Played Casino Games From his extensive experience in the casino market, Mr. Barden can say that the most appreciated casino games are always slot machines. People love to spin a round – that’s a truth! Today’s casino players can have the advantage of access the internet, where they can find the best and safest slots to play. Consider that when you play slots for real cash you can win generous prizes and also collect unique and irresistible casino bonuses all at once! Best Pokies Bonus For February 2019 Another very attractive reason to choose to play the best pokies with Play Pokies is the current bonus offering. The most important virtual casinos of PlayPokies are offering a nice pokies/slots bonus for the month of February 2019. In order to get this special bonus on slots, you simply have to create your account on your chosen casino, add a valid method of payment and then make your first casino deposit. Once you are done with the casino deposit, you will receive a welcome bonus by the casino itself as a reward for joining and depositing. Finally, select your favorite slots to play, follow the casino given instruction and use your special slots bonus! Manhood, Race and Culture

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