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b on b crimes BS

Here’s your Chicago expressway, West side and South side shooters… “Black opts”


“Black Water” started by Eric Prince

Here’s why there hasn’t been anyone caught from these so-called radom mass killings here in CHICAGO… There are actually paid Militia groups operating in this city… . . Chicago has camera’s everywhere! These white Inferiorist groups are infiltrating. Black on black crime killings aren’t what the media would have you to believe. Witnesses on a radio show said they have been seeing these white trucks tinted out. Just like the Governor has allowed enforcement agencies to get crafty by setting bait Semi-trucks filled with goodies to bait kids into committing thief crimes!! . . And for those who think that this is just a conspiracy theoryI guess “Black Wall Street” is a conspiracy also when a bomb was dropped on them in Greenwood, Oklahoma by the USA GOVERNMENT, I guess the Tuskegee study when 600 black men was given syphilis is a conspiracy also, I guess when President Ronald Reagan commissioned crack and heroin to be pumped through the black communities by the government I guess thats a conspiracy also… Chicago has PAID MERCENARY GROUPS DOING THESE MASS AND RANDOM EXPRESSWAY SHOOTINGS IN CHICAGO! Please SHARE! People should be made aware… Follow me on IG @Chuuch_Radio

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