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Austen powers

Jane Austen was Black, and self-identified as Black. Was Jane Austen (1775-1817) Black? - Literature Network Forums I came to this conclusion because she was described as ‘brown’ of complexion, and ‘not a pink colour.’ And she self-identifies as black because she wrote about Blacks. Everyone can attest to that fact, because all her novel personages are either light brown or sallow, brown, very brown or black of complexion. She discusses Black Beauty, skin bleaching, painting up white in her novels and letters. People in her book discuss brown and black complexions. She shows her dislike for Blacks marrying or helping whites, which already during her lifetime resulted in Blacks losing power. Today blacks are nothing to whites, who make movies based on her books with whites playing blacks. And Blacks not opening their mouths to protest to this outrage. Do not take my word for this, take your own Jane Austen novel like ‘Mansfield Park’ and read how Mr. Crawford was ‘absolutely plain, black and plain; but still the gentleman.’ And his sister Mary Crawford was very brown

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