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SOUTHEAST ASIANS—Philippine Negritos—The Aeta The Aeta (Ayta) are considered to be part of the Negrito ethnic groups and share common physical characteristics of dark skin tones, short statures, and curly to Afro-textured hair… They are thought to be among the earliest inhabitants of the Philippines…

The Aeta people in the Philippines are often grouped with other Negritos, such as the Semang on the Malay Peninsula, and sometimes grouped with Australo-Melanesians, which includes groups such as the natives of Australia and Papuans; as well as partially, the Melanesians of the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji, and the French overseas special collectivity of New Caledonia…

The Ayta were found to possess the highest level of Denisovan ancestry in the world, with ~30%–40% more than even that found in Australians and Papuans (Australo-Melanesians), suggesting that distinct Islander Denisovan populations existed in the Philippines which admixed with modern humans after their arrival…

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