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Just not THIS part of the World. EYE can care less for this Habitation of Devils. She would be erased already if so many Descendants African Slaves were not still asleep in her belly

Fall out from an eruption of the Yellow Stone volcano not to mention the real possibility of another earth quake along the san andreas fault n madrid fault that did 55k miles and 1 million sq miles of damage respectively.

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king james

King James IV (1473-1513) and the European Muurs – Jide Uwechia King James IV (1473-1513) and the European Muurs – by Jide Uwechia King James IV of Scotland came to the throne in 1488. He was an able

the constitution

The Constitution came from our ancient laws and Hebrew laws, the Iroquois Confederacy also known as the Continental Congress. The Moors was the majority in all those groups, including the Union. Co


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