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During slavery, the europeans split the native americans up, they put the lighter skin natives on one side and the darker native on the other side, these people lived in peace together before the european came. The dark skin natives were in america before everyone they are the oldest people on the planet. During reconstruction the europeans called the lighter skin people native americans and they called the darker ones african americans when in reality they all were native to this land specially the dark ones, but they mixed and married each other before the european came, so the so called light skin natives you see today were actually darker before and during slavery i have a number of pics that show how dark these people were, as the european colonized america and raped, the natives began to lighten up, then the europeans used them as social tools against us today people call it the willy lynch. So with the reconstructions of American history via european literature and the hiding and destruction of artifacts and evidences, the majority of the true native americans don’t even knew they were the natives who were slaughtered and enslaved in their own land on thanksgiving.

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