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THE TRUE HISTORY OF THE CAUCASIANSince the oldest Caucasian remains are not in Europe or Africa, but rather the Tarim Mummies in Asia, which are only from 2,800 B.C., it may be that the Caucasians now in Europe and the U.S. may have existed for only a few thousand years, before they FIRST invaded / migrated to Europe circa 1,200 B.C.Caucasians as a

people are younger than we thought…DNA recovered from ancient skeletons reveals that the genetic makeup of modern Caucasians was established around 4,500 B.C. in the mid-Neolithic—or 6,500 years ago—and NOT by the FIRST farmers

(Cheddar Man;—Canaanites & Israelites) who arrived in the area around 7,500 years ago OR by EARLIER hunter-gatherer groups (Grimaldi Man;—Khoe & Saake) who first arrived 40,000 years ago…SOURCE; The biggest DNA study on ancient people rewrites Caucasian history…Modern Caucasians were born in the

Bronze Age after a large wave of immigration by a nomadic people known as Yamnaya who came from the Russian steppe…It happened in the third millennium BC.“This is where we begin. We see that a large part of the modern Caucasian, genetically start here,” says study leader Eske Willerslev, who is a professor at the Centre for GeoGenetics at the Natural History Museum of Denmark.SOURCE;(…/history-rewritten…/1419103)Modern Caucasians in Europe and the U.S. are Slavs (slaves)They have nothing to do with ancient ANYBODY in Europe….They are migrants from CENTRAL ASIA in the CURRENT era…Any encyclopedia will document their entry into Europe…Today’s so called Caucasians were part of what is called the “Great Migration Period” Actually, it was not a migration at all, these Central Asian white tribes, called collectively the Slavs, (slaves) were chased out of Asia by the Huns of Attila…Later, the last Caucasian tribe in Asia – the Turks; were chased out of Asia by the Mongols of Genghis Khan…Ever since their ascension to power in Europe some 200 years ago, Caucasians have dedicated all of their time and energies towards substantiating their bogus European and African history, with falsified artifacts and vicarious texts, rather than collecting data and artifacts from their OWN actual Asian history…

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