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* Biblically – The Philistines are known as the sworn enemies of Israel – of David and Goliath fame.

Continued: Saul however, won substantial victories over the Philistines, Ammonites, and Amalekites, and for a time the Philistine advance was stopped. But Saul and his son Jonathan, were killed in a disastrous battle with the Philistines in central Palestine. Saul’s successor David, a former aide (and also his son-in-law) who had previously fallen out of favor with him. At first took over only the rule of Judah in the south (1010 B.C.) and then all of Israel by (1000 B.C.).

Through his superior military and administrative abilities, and political acumen, David was able to established unified rule over all of Israel. He cleared the territory of Philistines, and in the absence of any competing foreign power in the area, created his own petty empire over neighboring city-states and peoples. He established his capital in Jerusalem, which until then, had maintained its independence as a Canaanite city: wedged as it were, between the territories of Saul’s Benjamin tribe and David’s Judah tribe.

*** Images matter. History is a tool for growth. We have been taught false history. * The media & the education system dont show real images of the first settlers world wide and the progenitor of humans because they were all Black. It’s proven by genetics & the study of excavations, art & literature. * Without a past you don’t have a future. Knowledge of Self is the cure for selfhate, skinbleeching, lack of pride & self-destruction.

### — Thank you for reading my posts. Credits, respect & grattitude to the researchers from RealHistory, the most awakened minds in the Black Community. — ###

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