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The ancient Egyptians, according to Herodotus, boasted that “their ancestors, in the ‘Lands of the West‘ were the oldest men on Earth”

The so called black history writers of ancient times, including Herodotus, used the term “Ethiopian”, for the so called black people of the America’s and of Africa… They clarified, “Ethiopians of the West, where the sun sets” and “Ethiopians of the East, where the sun rises” “The peculiar architecture of Old Egypt originated in the West is proved by its similarity to that in the still older remains of America, North, South, and Central, In Uxmal, and Chi Chen, Yucatán, are massive stone pyramids, so ancient that they support trees growing in the soil deposited by the atmosphere on their summits during tens of thousands of years, pyramids that were old before the days of the Pharaohs”

SOURCES; (‘Stone’ Volume 12; 1896) (Albert Ross Parsons, ‘New Light from the Great Pyramid The Astronomico-geographical System of the Ancients Recovered and Applied to the Elucidation of History, Ceremony, Symbolism and Religion’; 1893)

Leading biblical scholars know that they've never been able to find the biblical cities and events in the dirt of the place now being called the "middle east." That is not the place called Israel in the biblical writings; that is not the place that the biblical narratives describe in such great detail...

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