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seeing is believing: amerindian negroes are so quick to talk about who we're mixed with. mainly, we hear we're mixed with european/cacasian, asian, etc. but the elephant in the room, especially depending on what part of america you live in, is the dark europan (european) admixture. case in point: Luther Vandross. luther's last name is dutch.

originally, it was spelled "Van Dross." as it's well documented, the dutch inhabited what is now new york/new york city. before it was called new york, ny was called new netherland, and the stretch of land now called nyc was called new amsterdam. the dutch that settled in new york weren't originally caucasian, contrary to popular belief. they were a dark complexioned, swarthy hued people. often their skin was uneven and ashen. and a lot of them had what europans came to be known for; high pink lips. if you've ever seen a picture of luther without makeup on, you can see he fitted this description, as did his father. (and this is before he had cosmetic surgery and skin bleaching) what i'm saying is luther vandross was of dutch descent. europans intermixed with amerindians, especially those of high born status so they could lay claim to our land. others on the lower europan class system mixed with us to blend in. i'll expound more on this as we go along...

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