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america v africa

It amazes me how our people are so conditioned and colonized mentally to think that we all came from Africa while not realizing that so call Europeans were considered African before colonization. Just because people have studied and proven that we all didn’t come from Africa does not mean we hate Africans. So if you don’t think you came from America does that mean you hate all Negros who came from America? There are new scientific studies that go completely against the out of Africa theory. There are new studies that claim that America is the true motherland. The oldest humans have been found in America. The oldest human fossels and half human have been found in Africa. Do you know the difference between fossels and man kind compared to humans? You see when you step back and look at it all. The Americas are a older continent than Africa. America is a more developed continent because it has more greenery than any other continent. Africa is still developing; that’s why it has more desert land than America. The white and black Africans came here and they called America the new land because it was so much developed than their third world countries in Africa. Integration into their curriculum of studies; taught us that we came from Africa because that’s where they came from. If Africa was so rich then the world’s strongest military and United States Corporation would occupy Africa and not North America. Everyone wants to come to our land. The promise land in which the MOST HIGH gave us. It’s big business to keep the American negro dumbdown and mentally in Africa while Africans move here with better benefits than us. Ask yourselves if we are truly descendants of Africa; then why white and black Africans get foreign benefits and we don’t?

The American Negro is a victim of paper genocide. I have met people from Africa who have told me this truth and told me that it amazes them how the American negro truly believe he or she are from Africa. There are no teachings of American Negros being from Africa in any schools in Africa. Africans only learn about this lie when they move to America. Africans move here daily and most of them associate with white people instead of us. We run behind Africa but Africa don’t run behind us. To not acknowledge your true American idenity and land is colonized plantation mentality of self hate brainwashing! The American Negro has always been physically here on their mother land of America but has been in Africa mentally since the airing of Roots in the late 70s and Messy Jesse Jackson, in 1988. All one big brainwashing plan!

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