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america the 2 lands

America was Egypt, The Two Lands, Atlan and Utla, Turtle Island, Land of the Frogs, T’Ameri(ca) or America or The Land of Tameri. Kemet was a colony the Mayach or Xi established long before others even existed. America was the first to rise above the primordial waters in the days of Peleg. The American Negro aka Indian aka Hebrew aka is the oldest human being on earth, that’s why the world imitates him more than any other.

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king james

King James IV (1473-1513) and the European Muurs – Jide Uwechia King James IV (1473-1513) and the European Muurs – by Jide Uwechia King James IV of Scotland came to the throne in 1488. He was an able

the constitution

The Constitution came from our ancient laws and Hebrew laws, the Iroquois Confederacy also known as the Continental Congress. The Moors was the majority in all those groups, including the Union. Co


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