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America is egypt

Isaiah Israel well, when you research and realize that the origin of the word Egypt or Aegyptus or Aiguptos, is from Latin and Greek, or Rome and Greece; both European Countries, you have to scratch your head. What we aren’t told is today its official name is Jumhuriyah Misr al-Arabiyah, which in English means the Arab Republic of Egypt. The people known as Egyptians refer to the land as Misr, and it is said to be common for Egyptians to use Misr for Mizraim for the name of the Land today. Misr is an Arabic name simply meaning “country”, and part of the tradition of this term in as a name for Egypt comes from the Islamic Quran. So, if many of the people living there don’t refer to their land as Egypt and call it Misr, and the meaning of Egypt is Ha(t)-ka-ptah “temple of the soul of Ptah,” the creative god associated with Memphis, the ancient city of Egypt, and the name Egypt is Strictly one of the names of Memphis, and it was taken by the Greeks as the name of the whole country. Now, when you research the origin of MEMPHIS and find that it means: an ancient city of Egypt, from Greek form of Egyptian Mennefer , literally “his beauty,” from men “his” + nefer “beauty,” and it is a reference to PHARAOH; which means “Great House” it only takes Common Sense to SEE WHERE all of the Great Houses are…Interesting to note, the term Egypt or Mizraim means “Bondage or The Land of Bondage.” When you study the histories and civilizations in the Americas that predate the establishment of Egypt by Menes around 3200 BC, you will find histories of BONDAGE that predates Egypt today. Not to mention that the ancient Egyptians themselves claim to have COME from the WEST and they boasted that they were descended from the Oldest Men on Earth in the WEST. So, when you realize that “Egypt” is actually a Metaphor for LAND OF BONDAGE, what Land has been in Bondage BEFORE the establishment of Aegyptus aka Egypt in the Eastern hemisphere, and is STILL in Bondage to this Day???? So when the Americas are referred to as Egypt it means that This is the “Land of Bondage.” Then, when you weigh all of the evidence and Facts, a lot of this becomes Common Sense…


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