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All religions are Black African creations facts. The later ones were them trying to keep what they could hold onto from the original Egyptian religion facts. All original Gods were Black and all religions are based off nature and astronomy facts. Not 1 of them had anything to do with whites as whites had 0 to do with their origin facts.God is nature the giver oof life is the Sun as Ancients understood without the Sun life would not exist facts. The earth was nothing but water but the Sun made the land rise up out of the ocean as it was reaching for the Sun facts. The original people Black people are the children of God the Sun nature has no image as the God of the universe is unexplainable therefore no image could represent it. We are and called ourselves the Sun of God or children of God because our skin and the Sun are 1. The Sun gives us natural vitamins and all humans need it but only us are truly 1 with the Sun. The Sun promotes healthy skin and emotions for the original people. Lack of Sun is a recipe for unhealthy skin and being emotionally stunted. This is what is so hilarious about non Blacks changing the color of all Gods to white as sorry folks you can not be godly but can not even handle the essence of life for more then 20 mins without being at risk for skin cancer not bigotry just scientific facts. This is why even around the false version of white jesus there is always a Sun disk around his head. The Sun is shining on it’s children aka Black people which later became just the male version. The origin of Jesus was Osirus and ISIS as in both Islam and Christianity just like in all indigenous religions there was always a male and a matching female. Until we get back to nature we will struggle as it is non Black people that need these lives of leisure and being inside and being physically dormant we are not meant for that nor or we built for that. We are supposed to be farming making houses from the earth not ones that destroy the earth. We are supposed to enrich the soil not rape her. Non Black people care not about nature as their body’s and nature do not go together nature our bain of existence is their very enemy which in sort means they are our enemy so they know what they are doing we are confused. They know that living the right way we are the leaders because that is the way God nature intended it to be. Thus they will continue to destroy the world rather then have things be in order and return once again to where they belong. Non Brown eyes and non Brown skin are unhealthy once again not bigotry just pure science research it if I’m wrong call me out.Not having the most basic human functions for health and being genetically inferior once again pure science not bigotry is what drives their illness racism and their need to destroy. When 1 has no God given talents they must create 1 and non Black folks talent is destruction opposing nature on every level. We are original people the earth provides everything we need to survive we are not healthy because we are allowing them to feed us unatural stuff. Do you know how silly we look going out in 100 degree weather all fully dressed mimciking them as they have to we are supposed to let that Sun hit every part of our body once again the Sun is the essence of life. Stop worrying about what white folks do start living the way our ancestors did the way God intended you to live eating the way God intended you too studying the stuff that pertians to being a healthy amazing human the original no other compares. We are not all created equal scientific facts and whether conciously or subconciously all non Blacks know this thus why they are all together on stealing our history and trying to keep us down and convincing us and the world we’ve accomplished nothing. They see how you are unmatched physically and know if they allow you equality educationally they have 0 chance. But the facts are you can not be stopped only you can allow somebody to stop you so knowing your history does not matter if you do not learn from it and mimick it rather then be wrapped up in non Black nonsense all day. Crazy thing is I know plethora of whites who know this and see and fall in line with the truth but the vast majority of us who are the children of God/Nature are too busy mimicking those mimicking us. Non Bown people have been dealth a shitty hand and they will never change as they had to create a talent and theirs is destruction and they are not creators and God/Nature deserted them and they will take it out on us and God/Nature as long as we do not fight back. This battle is for an eternity as we are the protectors of this planet. But there is 0 need to be worried about them research whites have been dying more then were born since 2011 as Nature always corrects itself as God/Nature realizes it’s children and it’s very existence can not coexist with them. Build generational wealth quit working for them today take your kids out of their schools today I promise you they’ve got you believing you are nothing without them common sense who came across the world to get who? Who traveled the world invading who’s country and who raped who to grow their race? If we all went back to Africa they would crumble in less then a year meanwhile Africa would flourish and then you would see how they need you because asap they would invade Africa and then we could settle what they started because this is the only way this stops. Any of you who thinks this ends without war is a coward. They claim every aspect of our history have our artifacts and ancestors body’s on display and in private collections around the world. Whites are enslaving, raping committing genocide against us daily but you worried about Trump being a meany wtf is that shit seriously. We are victims of our own cowardness. They simply do what we allow. They steal all their wealth from Africa well lets go home and lets fight the battle their in Sun in the desert then take it to the jungle then the mountains in the snow yeah uneducated folks it snows in Africa. Trump is their sybol he is a Proto white truly pink bad body short stalky frame just how Greeks and Romans described the true whites this is why they chose him. It was a response to us choosing a man who’s father was an African not a descendant of slaves. We are not victims we are just getting our asses kicked true story be man or woman enough to admit it and lets come fight back. And fyi millions of Blacks globally will fight on their side more in this country then anywhere else facts. I’m sick of this equality for all this has never happened and will never happen there is always a top and a bottom. The world today is ran on a caste system based off color it is time time to flip it. I’m so sick of whites asying we should not suffer for what our ancestors did why not you benefit from it meanwhile we are suffering from what your ancestors did so. But when they say this listen they are letting you know where they stand what they are really saying is you aint getting shit nigger because whether conciously or subconciously whites know their place in the world is tied to racism and their wealth is tied to Black poverty for us to rise they must fall. At some point we must stop settling for being entertainment niggers and work horse niggers and take back our spots as rightful leaders.

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