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Dear White People and their “Darker Facsimiles”,

I wish you were as protective of your fellow melanin American, which are humans too, as your are with your piece of fabric and altered half of a song, which was edited to make it less racist.

I totally get it, like your ancestors you quickly forget the purpose of protest, especially if it challenges their oppressive ways, and instinctively you must get passionate about “order” over Justice! I hate to be the bearer of bad news (actually I don’t) but majority of the ignorance you all love to bounce off your tongue about the flag are unproductive myths, but I don’t expect you to read up on it surely if you don’t take the time to read the federal flag desecration law or any other readily available information that will cure your incompetence. But since you want to talk the flag, I’ll entertain your folly for a short while.. The American flag is just as offensive, if not literally, Gravely more, than the confederate flag, just as you do with the education system, you forget what America stands for, is known for, and what the conditions today are a reflection of. Well I’ll remind you, your flag is symbolic for: Chattel Slavery (89 years under current flag), The Middle Passage (90 years under current flag), Psychological Enslavement (dehumanized Africans), Suppression of Black Self-Determination (on going), Destruction of Black Leadership (led by government and political officials), Jim Crow (over 58 years of legal racism), The Convict Leasing System (evidence that this system is still around), Separate and Not Equal(on going) Again based off of your responses I don’t expect for you to intelligently contribute to this conversation, hence I thought it wise to just write you a letter. Betsy Ross “Elizabeth Claypoole” didn’t make the 1st flag, her grandson lied, kinda like most of you lie with your narrative of history. Also real quick, the US flag code frowns at you wearing the flag as underwear, a t-shirt, or any other advertising you can think of. Majority of your American traditions doesn’t welcome nor embrace all Americans! Again, I don’t fault you because arrogance mixed with bigotry equals shamefully uneducated. That spills over to your senseless idea of what patriotism actually is. Read this four times for me; “all men(humans) are created equal, they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”…… Believing that, fighting for that, or protesting the people who say they actually believe that, but fail to display it, is “Patriotism”. by the way do yourself a favor and learn a little more about Francis Scott Key and the whole song he wrote and when and how it was regarded as the national anthem. Again I know reading things you don’t understand nor agree with is extremely difficult for you but your favorite quote machine Martin Luther King, whom your government killed, once wrote a letter from Birmingham Jail (you can guess why he was there) that explain why you moderates are worst than the KKK, and that there isn’t a more positive nor more comfortable way for us to protest, so that we meet or receive your approval. I know it’s tough to get that through your hard head but it’s the way of the country you say you love so much! You will be a fool to point to the injustices of another country when you can’t see nor comprehend the terror going on in your own country, which most of it comes as a result of you denying the privilege you have the privilege to deny! I also see you seem to show love towards certain animals more than you do your fellow melanin Americans, this doesn’t surprise me at all as your ancestors once did the same thing. I know many of you must be frustrated, but it isn’t so much at us, it’s more of yourselves, because as you were diverted praising this country over the other dictators of the world, you promised to take this country to the good old days that your flag represents, and put a dictator in your highest office. You’ve always had a country you can be proud of and there are books, songs, statues, monuments, flags and other things that makes you proud at the sight of it. Your only shame was when other Americans, who wanted to be counted as humans, challenged you to understand your privilege. You got angry when you nor your fathers was no longer able to control the narrative for everything and everyone in this country, and the rest of the world. You tell yourself how great this country is, as like a cheating and beating husband tells his wife of his love and respect for her but consistently displays his incompetence of knowing the definition of either. Then you have the nerve to point a finger and say someone else is ruining your country. you had a 500 year head start to make this country right, but the greed of your ancestors, and the pride of their descendants, has placed you unaccountably in this very moment. Now that your entertainment has gained a brief and minimal knowledge of self you avoid their cry and concerns because it threatens those who have consistently exploited them as you have consistently enjoyed it, in the name of entertainment, again this too doesn’t surprise me as your ancestors did the exact same thing “sports”. You should be teaching your children more respect than pride as your heritage isn’t as clean as your history books teach, and because you failed to teach your kids, like your ancestors did you, they are now learning the real meaning of patriotism in this country and it looks like ME! Cont…

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