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BLACK GENESIS Castle -building comes from Ethiopia. The oldest Castles are in Ethiopia. Europe was once under Black Rule. The Holy Roman Empire was Black. All The Royal family’s in Europe started out of Black people. –– If you want to know what happened to them you have to research/ read about: Atilla the Hun, The White Dravidians, peace marriages, the Thirty year wars. -> Invasion, Assimilation and Extermination. –– The first European Castles were build by black people. There were no White knights. You had to black to be a Knight. ==>> Black as the Night –> Knights. –– Black People ruled Europe before all the peace marriages. St Maurice is a Lie created as an excuse to explain the thousands black knights you can find all over Europe, the ones they couldn’t destroy after the Thirty year wars. The First Christians were Black. Go to a Russian Church, you will find the truth. Jesus and Maria were Black aswell they represent Auset, Heru and Osiris. You can find many depictions of them in many European churches that were protected against the whitewashing & the destruction of the Black Art. –– Scotland was named after Princes Scotia, daugther of Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten. –– Budha was black, Chinese were black. Ethiopians, The Andaman, The San Bushmen, The Nilotic People, The Dravidians are the Ancestors of Asians & Europeans. –– Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor & King of France (1330- 1380) was Black. King George I, II & III were Black. ––

ANCIENT BLACK FRANCE –– Blue Blood has always been Black Blood – Crown On ––

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