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alan dershowitz a prick

I uploaded this, only because I wasn’t’ aware that it existed before I heard Finkelstein himself mention it in comments he made on a video on YouTube. After hearing it existed, I obtained it, outside of YouTube via an archive.

Apparently Finkelstein (as he said himself), wanted to leave, because he was getting ‘creeped out’ by Dershowitz’s uncanny ability to lie. At this point, according to the comment, Amy told Finkelstein to stay.

Either way, some of the highlights are Dershowitz vocalizing what appears to be close to a 10 minute monologue. In my appraisal, this being one of my favorite debates, this affair seems akin to that which belongs to the script of a comedy, except that it pertains to crimes against humanity.

The crimes of course, are occurring indefinitely in the conflict between Israel and Palestine. We see now, though, how Israel continues on it its actions with impunity; it has defenders like our friend, a high ranking chair of Harvard, Mr. Dershowitz. Nothing can justify, except for the limited interests inside the United States and Israel, continued occupation and theft of land from Palestine.

Either way, until a solution, we can listen to both sides of the coin, in debates such as these. Overall though, lawyers please take note. This is what you should aim to be; capable of lying to such a degree that you’ll be able to do it indefinitely, on film, whilst being confronted blatantly with proof you are doing so.

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