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After their banishment from Spain and Portugal, the Moors spread over Europe incurring the wrath of many of their White host countries. For example, writing in old English in 1596, Queen Elizabeth called for the “diverse blackamoors to be sent forth from the land [England].” The Moors were also stereotyped and demeaned as black devils in medieval European literature. Furthermore, Black pirates, who had dominated the Mediterranean for centuries and sold millions of Whites into slavery in North Africa, were driven from power. After the defeat of the Moors by the Spanish and Portuguese, these Europeans gradually began trading with West Africans—first in commodities and then in slaves and prisoners of war. This eventually devolved into the now notorious, centuries-long slave-trade involving the transport of Africans across the Atlantic to the New World and their enslavement in the Americas. When the tables were turned and the Portuguese and Spanish began enslaving Africans, whom they called Moors, the longstanding European hatred and resentment toward their Black adversaries—dating back at least three thousand years and culminating with the European exploits of General Hannibal of Carthage and later the Moors – transformed into a form of racism that Carew states “was adopted by all of the European colonies who came in the wake of the Spanish, and would endure throughout the Columbus era,” and still persists today.


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