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To be Aboriginal is to be First!!!, Thus the truth that so-called Indians are not Aboriginal as Indian is a brand and a coin, America is NOT India. Tribal names are family names and a Tribe comes out of a Nation, it is not the other way around.

What was found in the mounds was placed there by Moorish Ancestors. Confederations were / are conglomerations of Families, indicating for the most part, what part of the land you hailed from, or domicile in. Family Tribal names are Moorish Family names of Moors of the North American continent because this is the Al Morocs and all Congressional Records prove this is Morocco West, and is the heartland of civilization, hence the Empire, and New York is coined after such as the Empire State.

The Statute of Liberty is symbollic of the the original copper colored peoples and the Cosmic Mother Venus. The Statute of Liberty’ sits to the East of New-ark and the West of New York (Manhattas Island). No land was ever sold for beads or for anything, as the Land cannot be sold.

The land, the resources and the gold belong to the people and the people alone and it cannot be bought or sold!!! (it can be stolen on paper). It can be lawfully transferred as inheritance, provided you are the inherited. Declare your Natural, National Status and claim your inheritance.

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