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abe lincoln the moor

Abraham Lincoln Africanus EL Moorish Civic & Law Islam to the moors this is the original picture of Abraham Lincoln Africanus EL ‘The Moor’, this picture was locked away in the archives inside the Library of Congress. The true picture of Mr Lincoln EL. He was known as the Melungeon,Portuguese,and copperhead these were terms that refered to Moor he even wore Moorish attire and call him ‘The Great Africanus’ being of Moorish blood.

His mother Nancy Hanks EL she was apart of the confederacy Guyaga nations Abraham Lincoln Africanus EL straight descended of the confederate Moorish nation known as the five confederate nations known as Bey, EL, Dey, Al, Ali from also the five pointed Moroccan flag of the Moors, Lincoln EL is full blooded Moor on both side we have learned to connect the dots, everything is all connected. peace and love MOORS. Abraham Lincoln Africanus EL won in a land slide in the election of 1863 against Jefferson Davis, bear in mind at that time there was still Moors running the North. Moors running for mayor and also elected Officials like sheriffs. Lincoln EL was the first president of the democratic party in the North.

In Moorish history he was known as the 24th president including john Hanson Bey the first president of the continental congress in 1781 of the Great Seal of the united colonies.The Moors had Albion slovics, or slaves all through south under the power of the confederacy.

Albion or “Red-man” were the true slaves here in the Americas,Amexem Horace Greeley own a publishing newspaper called the New York tribunal at that time he was a abolitionist of slavery and all of the Republicans were for slavery now lets look at the big picture the republican parties establish by Moors ancient Moabite law at that time in the early 1850s Albion women, red-man couldn’t vote at that time they were fighting for women rights Horace Greeley was fighting for all these problems for his people Lincoln EL was basically the solution to his problem Abraham Lincoln Africanus EL he was Against slavery because of the simple fact that the Moors controlled the Agricultural south and power and had indenture servants or slovic/slaves.

So once Lincoln declared the civil war, civilization at war to send moors to fight other moors from the south they formed the patriots to fight British Moors also known as the ‘Brits’ or ‘Brutus Moors’ and Confederate Moors you had Moors that turn pro-north and started supporting the union north Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, James Bethworth, Nat turner ,etc.

These were Moors turned pro-north with and became spies and look outs and strategic fighters in Guerrilla warfare the Moors were known as the Indian Confederacy in Albion or albino history books” redman”Because of the simple fact that history has been seriously twisted and a bunch of lies have been placed, and the Fraud that’s going on history.

Prophet Noble Drew Ali,or EL hajj Sheik Shariff Abdol Ali set the tone of the universe to learn our great history, the true history of our people and learn to connect the dots.

So Basically Horace Greeley announced in congress at the time of the Wigmore (Wig-Moor) party in 1868, when the Albians said “we are no longer called “REDMAN” we are now call “WHITE PEOPLE””.

Now you really need to stop and think what just happened, they became white in 1868 in the late eighteen hundreds who were they before 1868 NEGROS, REDMAN, PALE ONES OR TAMAHU, SLAVES OR SLAVICS, INDENTURE SERVANTS, Your real history is hidden in Masonic order which is Moorish science in secret order also bear in mind that the term wigmore party means the wigs of moors they wear the white wooly hair of the Moors symbolic of the kinky dark skinned MOORS and the whiteness of the wigs symbolic of the purity and the sovereign power and the title of nobility ship of the MOORS.

Once the MOORS fell in 1865 the last confederacy Moors in north Carolina of Saladin Ben Watie and the prophet Noble Drew Ali father John Drew in 1865 to 1871 the last Confederacy Moorish army of the Carolina south the Rotunda A lot of Moors went into Bureaucratic slavery which is contract slavery its called ‘manumission papers the ward of the state’, because the Moors were abandon and also surrendered to the union of 1863 to 65 and 71 the Moors joined the union and became the modern Negros, now late in the 1880s and 1900s they started calling us colored, African, coon or African American,we were called many names we have to realize they have changed the history books, the meaning of words in the dictionaries and our history is in every state of the union society in masonic order they’ve known who you are for quite some time Moors. Peace & Love

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