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abe lincoln

THINKING TWICE ABOUT OLD ABE LINCOLN! Abraham Lincoln was a Melungeon or Tawny Moor who often referred to the United States as the”Egypt of the West.” Lincoln set-up the Freedmen’s Bureau, (1865–72), during the Reconstruction period after the American Civil War, this was the popular name for the U.S. Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands, what abandon the lands are they talking about – we were hijacked? Abe Lincoln got Congress to establish this program to provide practical aid to 4,000,000 newly freed Aborigine Americans in their transition from slavery to freedom. The bureau built hospitals for and gave direct medical assistance to, more than 1,000,000 freedmen. More than 21,000,000 rations were distributed to impoverished blacks as well as whites. Its greatest accomplishments were in education: more than 1,000 black schools were built and over $400,000 spent to establish teacher-training institutions. Among the historically black colleges and universities that received aid from the bureau were Atlanta University (1865; now Clark Atlanta University) and Fisk University (1866; originally the Fisk School), named for Gen. Clinton B. Fisk of the Tennessee Freedmen’s Bureau, who gave the school its original facilities in a former Union army barracks. Howard University, founded in 1867 through an act by the U.S. Congress, was named for Maj. Gen. Howard. Less success was achieved in civil rights as usual, for the bureau’s own courts were poorly organized and short-lived, and only the barest forms of due process of law for freedmen could be sustained in the civil courts. Its most notable failure concerned the so-called abandons lands the carpetbaggers and scallywags took or outright stole from Indigenous Americans. Thwarted by the appeasing Pres. Andrew Johnson’s restoration of abandoned lands to pardoned Southerners and by the adamant refusal of Congress to consider any form of land redistribution, the bureau was forced to oversee sharecropping arrangements that inevitably became another oppressive form of slavery. Congress, preoccupied with other national interests and responding to the continued hostility of white Southerners, terminated the bureau in July 1872 opening wide the doors to establish jim crow segregation.

His first vice president was also an indigenous Negro named Hannibal Hamlin. One can Find him in the Congressional record. Abraham Lincoln was a racist who on many occasions stated that blacks and whites were not equal because whites were superior. Jefferson and Washington were also “mixed” Eisenhower had a Negro mother and Warren G. harding had two black parents. This is an actual painting of Alexander hamilton who was from Nieves and was a Colonel during the Revolutionary War.

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